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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Come One, Come All Elders

Hello storytellers and readers, readers and storytellers. I am feeling out of touch with this and other blogs having had my routine interrupted by more travel “adventures” than were planned thanks to a bumbling – no, make that an incompetent – airline. (I suspect Crabby Old Lady will have more to say about that on Monday at Time Goes By.)

Meanwhile, The Elder Storytelling Place is tooting along quite nicely and getting some good mentions around the blogosphere like this one from premier blogger, Jeneane Sessum titled Simply Wonderful. Thank you< Jeneane, from all the storytellers.

Jeneane’s not old enough yet to submit a story, but many of the rest of you are and the queue could use some additions to keep up the flow. If you haven’t sent in a story yet (or if you have, how about another) it’s not hard. There are some guidelines here, but the basics are easy: there is a limit of about 750 words, you need a title and a tale to tell – we all have tales of our lives and times.

If you think not, you will certainly find some inspiration by clicking through the names of previous storytellers on the right sidebar and reading some of their fine, fascinating and sometimes funny stories.

So come one, come all elders and join the storytellers here.

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I tell you, I'm looking forward to posting here in a few years. It gives me reason to keep blogging, and I'm not kidding!!!

Thanks again for bringing us these stories. Should be mandatory reading in the blogosphere.

I'm sure enjoying reading all these stories and hope many more continue to flow in for posting.

I've been encouraging family and friends to contribute, but they seem to have to get past their "shyness" and limited Internet skills.

I'm offering to write their story if they'll but share. Perhaps, in time.

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