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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


By Norm Jenson of Mostly Anecdotal

The subject was philosophy. Nietzsche, a philosopher well known for his dislike of Christianity and famous for his statement that “god is dead”, was the topic.

Professor Hagen was lecturing and outside a thunderstorm was raging. It was a good one. Flashes of lighting were followed closely by ominous claps of thunder. Every time the professor would describe one of Nietzsche’s anti-Christian views the thunder seemingly echoed his remarks.

At the high-point of the lecture a bolt of lightning struck the ground near the classroom followed by a deafening clap of thunder. The professor, unconcerned, walked to the window opened it and starting jabbing at the sky with his umbrella. He yelled, “You senile son of a bitch, your aim is getting worse.”

Suffice it to say that some students were offended by his irreverent remark and brought it to the attention of the Department Head. The Department Head in turn took it to the Dean of Humanities who called the professor in for a meeting.

The Dean reminded the professor that the students pay a lot of tuition and that he shouldn’t unnecessarily insult their beliefs. “Oh,” says the professor, “and what beliefs are those?”

“Well, you know,” the Dean says, “most students attending this university are Christians. We can’t have you blaspheming during class.”

“Surely says the professor, the merciful God of Christianity wouldn’t throw lightning bolts. It’s Zeus who throws lightning bolts.”

Later the Dean spoke with the Department Head, and said, “The next time you have a problem with that professor, you handle it and let him make an ass out of you instead.”

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Absolutely wonderful!! I haven't laughed as hard in years. I think I will be smiling all day about this story.

lol Toooooooooo funny!

I find it amazing that students complained!

When I was that age, I was questioning my beliefs and a professor saying something like that would have just given me food for more examination of them. Then again I was always weird.
Still am.

That was hilarious! I'm passing it on to my youngest who's still in college.

I wish that had happened in my Philosophy classes! That would have helped them not be so boring, I am sure!

I'm surprised the students didn't jump on the professor's remark and say the lightning timing was indicative of God reacting to Nietzsche's words, instead of focusing on what they thought was the prof's blasphemous comment.

Nonsense. It was N himself throwing those bolts as punctuation marks. The aim is to "shock" everyone, not to kill anyone. As N says, "Light of my wisdom, put out their eyes!."


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