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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My Gypsy Childhood

By Randy Clark

My mother was a gypsy. Not a real gypsy, just a restless soul. By the time I graduated from high school I had attended fourteen different schools. Some were friendly, some weren't. In one state the friendly and the unfriendly were only about three crow miles apart.

During fourth grade in Illinois, I was dispatched to Arkansas to help care for my ailing grandfather. Word soon arrived that the school principal in Illinois had stated that unless I returned to school there immediately, I would not be promoted to fifth grade.

You see, upon first arriving in Arkansas I had presented myself at the local school ready, willing and able to learn but, alas, school had ended for the year. So it was with great urgency that I was placed on a bus to Chicago.

Springfield, Missouri was a transfer point but on attempting to purchase a ticket there for the next leg of my journey the agent said, “Who's there?, I don't see anyone." With some degree of difficulty he was convinced to allow me to continue the journey.

Good news! I arrived in time. Bad news! The principal still didn't promote me and it wasn't until the following year that I was placed where I belonged.

Fast forward to eighth grade. We'd once again moved and my high school would be several miles away. I had requested and was granted permission to attend for one day the school which I would have attended had we not moved.

Most of what I heard that day was about how hard we were going to work and so I was quite relieved to have moved. Had we stayed in the first district for more than one year I would have been a schoolmate of a current presidential candidate. In keeping with the guidelines no names but she's not one of the male candidates.

My sympathy to those with less exciting childhoods.

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Great story -- interesting ending!


How exciting! Just think, if you had been a classmate of " you know who", you might have ended up President of The United States. I know a guy named Bill who had that happen to him!

I went to six different schools from 1st grade to 12th, but they were all in the same general area. I hated it then, but now I see the benefit of knowing all those people! Good story, and maybe you would have been Pres.....or she wouldn't be running now....LOL

You're certainly right about how different from each other schools, staffs and students can be. I attended only seven different schools those 1-12 grades, four of them in one memorable year in three different states from east to west and half-way back again.

One high school I would have had to attend the next year had we not, thankfully, moved, had social fraternities and sororities. They couldn't even field a decent football team, I was told, due to all the social status in-fighting -- a situation that, hopefully, changed by the time Bill went to school there.

Another school I did attend, claimed fame when the daughter of country western singer Patsy Montana enrolled there. No school I actually attended fielded a presidential candidate as you describe in your interesting story.

Great ending! I went to school with Joe Lieberman's wife,Hadassah. Actually graduated with her brother, Ari. That's as close as I can get to the White House. :)

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