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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

How My Sister Got Her Freckles

By Kay Dennison of Kay's Thinking Cap

When I was three, we moved from Greenwich to another little town near Elyria called Grafton. We had a house with a big covered front porch and a yard for me to play in and I thought that pretty cool.

My mom was expecting a sibling for me. My dad told me they were going to get me a little brother to play with. I don't recall much beyond that except that Mommy went to the hospital and I had to stay with their friends Pete and Flora until she came home with my little sister who was born a month premature – May instead of June.

She fascinated me although it took a couple days to get me to call her my sister and not my brother. When I get something in my head, it's hard to get me to switch gears! 'Sides, Daddy told me it was gonna be a brother and Daddy wouldn't lie – right?

My grandma came up from Greenwich to see Debbie and took me home with her on the train for a few days of spoiling by Grandpa and the uncles, and I'd get to hang out with my cousin, Steve, who is a year younger than me. It would also allow my mom time with the new baby without her demanding, ornery, into-everything, older daughter's antics.

When I returned, I learned that she slept a lot and wasn't too much fun and she kept my mother really busy – all the more time to get into things!

One day when my sister was about a month old, my mom had just finished changing Debbie and the phone rang. She moved the baby so she wouldn't be too close to the edge of the bed. Uh-huh. When she turned into the hall, there I was holding the baby in my arms. Mom stopped dead in shock and yelled, "Kay, what are you doing?" I very calmly said, "I'm gonna take her outside and play with her."

At that, mom recovered her wits, grabbed Debbie and put her in her bassinet. I got a spanking and was sent to my room. They said they got her to play with me – right? They didn't say it would be forever until I could.

Later that summer after I had ostensibly learned not to mess with the baby, my mom took to putting the baby carriage on the porch (the brake on) after warning me to let her sleep, carefully positioning the carriage so she would have shade as it was cooler there than in the house in those pre-AC days.

One day I was playing in the yard with my dolls (all of whom I had named Judy for some reason) and decided to go peek at Debbie. My mom, to this day, can't figure out how little old me moved that big old, heavy carriage because when she came out to check on her, the poor little thing was sunburned and got a few freckles on her little nose as a result.

Yeah, I got another spanking and sent to my room – again! And yeah, my sister knew how she got her freckles and never let me forget it! Neither did anyone else.

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I chuckled to read your story Kay. I too have a younger sister and at the time of the event, wasn't sure that I liked it at all! Your ease of description took me right into the role of older sister. Thank you for this charming and delightful story.

You were a little dickens Kay...but this was a very sweet story. I always wished I had a younger brother or sister, but my older brother is pretty great.

Kids hate freckles. How terrible that you had to be blamed for your sisters! Great story especially since I was the protected youngest sibling and my brother and sister always got the blame for everything!

What a terrific story. I think you should send it of to the Readers Digest. ;-)

Thanks, Kay, for reminding me of the trials and tribulations of being a big sister. My first little sister was only 13 months younger than I. Hardly fair. But I learned leadership (how to be a bossy know-it-all). Now I adore and admire both my "little" sisters and count myself lucky.

Thanks, y'all! It was fun to write. And, Joy? Nothing has changed -- I'm just a big dickens now! lol


I enjoyed your story. You are a great writer.

I remember when I was 6 years old, my sister was born. It was in December in Pennsylvania and it was snowy and cold.

I tolerated the new baby for about 30 minutes then told my Mother, "That's enough.You can put that baby out on the porch now!!!!

Cute story, Kay. Does your sister still have the freckles?

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