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Friday, 21 September 2007

In The Eye Of The Storm

By Joy Des Jardins of Joy of Six

I love the rain. Even more, I love storms. I always have.

Lightning4 I remember when I was a kid, we had this wooden shed in our backyard that my Dad built for the lawnmower, hoses, and stuff. I use to love going inside during a storm, sit in a corner and just listen to the rain and thunder. Something about being in that small place that made me feel warm and safe.

I wasn’t afraid of any of it - not even the lightning. The bigger the storm, the better. Sometimes I’d leave the shed and go stand in the yard and just let the rain cover me. It was a great challenge to sneak back into the house so my mother wouldn’t see me looking like a drown rat. She would have died if she saw me out there. She never did.

When I was a teenager, I’d love to take long drives in storms. Inside the car with the rain beating down on the windows. Then when I’d get home, often I’d just sit there for a while listening. It’s amazing how much you can hear in a storm.

Sometimes I’d have a friend or two in the car, and we’d sit and talk and laugh, but I don’t think any of them got the same effect from the storm that I did. They were anxious to go inside or move on; I was not.

I still feel the same today. I LOVE STORMS. If I didn’t think I’d get struck by lightning, I’d go out and stand in them. I don’t know how to explain the sense of peace and calm that comes over me when it’s storming.

I LOVE NIGHT STORMS. Those really loud, heavy ones - when the bolts of lightning flash like neon lights and the claps of thunder actually shake the room. Lying in bed waiting for the next one - now that’s a kind of music I have no trouble falling to sleep by.

And, you know what? Often, in my dreams, I’m back in my little wooden shed, all grown up - listening to the rain.


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As a child I hated storms at night. My bed had a metal spring under the mattress and the thunder seemed to ring through it.

I'm a sunshine kind of gal but I really enjoyed this, Joy!

Thanks for this story Joy for I too loved storms as a child and still do. I always wanted to be outside when it stormed. Falling asleep to rain was just one of the best things. Now that I live in Texas, I love how this place knows how to display storms! The anticipation of a storm is as exciting as the event. First the clouds darken and then roll across the vast Texas sky looking like a blanket that is covering the blue. The wind starts to pick up, then the storm orchestra commences, a cacophony of sound, sizzling lightning streaks across the sky and we rush outside to watch this play out, foolish to be standing out in the rain but helpless not to do so.


Thanks Grannymar and Kay for your comments. I think most people aren't 'storm' people...they much prefer those sunshiney days; which, by the way, I love too.


It sounds like we're two peas in a pod. I love your comments. If I still had that shed....I'd invite you over for a thunder and lightning party...and maybe some tea. Thanks so much....

Storms, for me, are much like looking at the infinity of the universe: something tells me I'm not as big as I think I am; and, yet, not without His hand upon me. It did get a little out of kilter during my Navy years, to find myself in the middle of the ocean, the waves seemingly 20-30 feet high, and the ship being tossed around in it all as if it were no more than a toothpick! But...those were my younger years and I held no tangible knowledge that He was there.....

Your comments are wonderful...and strike a definite chord with me. Thank you Jim.

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