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Tuesday, 09 October 2007

I Need More Music in My Life

By kenju of Imagine What I'm Leaving Out

I've decided that I need more music in my life. Not the kind I listen to on CD or radio, but the kind I make myself.

As a child, I played piano, taking lessons for about five years. I told myself I hated lessons at the time, and I finally convinced my Mom to let me quit. Funny thing was that after she let me quit, I played more piano every day than I had in a month before I quit. That became my norm, and I would play piano everyday after school and weekends.

After I started college (still living at home) I played less, but still loved doing it. My Mom had the audacity to sell our Baldwin baby grand and buy a Hammond organ. She thought she would learn to play, but it never happened and I was so mad at her for selling my piano that I refused to learn the organ.

After a while, I began to fiddle around with it, and I got so I could play fairly well or at least enough to satisfy my urges. But I still missed my piano.

After I married and had kids, I used to play for them everyday when they came home from school. We had many songs we sang together, such as You are My Sunshine and it was a very sweet thing to do together. Little by little, life intruded, they scattered to their friends’ homes after school and I spent less and less time making my own music.

Reading tonight some blogs produced by music makers, chiefly Pratie Place and the harpist she recommended, I have realized that what is missing in my life is self-produced music.

I still wish I had a piano instead of this old organ, but since that is likely never to happen, perhaps I should make use of what I have instead of mourning for what I lost. I'm going to play the organ tomorrow and maybe my soul will sing again, as well as my body.

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Thanks, Ronni.

Play it again, kenju!!
You are my sunshine were the first English lyrics my son heard as a baby, he didn't understand a word but loved the song and I now become teary eyes every time I think of the melody and sing it in my soul for me...

Please continue playing. I never owned an organ, but I played the Hammond that we had in our High School Auditorium and was the church organist at my church. The foot work is fun and when you learn the new touch you will find all sorts of wonderful sounds that you were not able to achieve on the piano.

My wedding present from my husband was a piano and fifty nine years later it sits in my multi-purpose room. Unfortunately, after 22 moves it no longer sounds good and I rarely play because of that. I would love a baby grand and can't keep my hands off of a good piano when I visit someone who is lucky enough to have one.

I hope you do continue to play Judy. I've always wished I knew how to play piano. I used to go to my aunt's house and sit at her piano and pretend to play beautiful songs. You have the talent...use it...play that organ and enjoy it. It might be just what you need.


We all need music in our hearts and lives.

I envy your musical ability. My sister played piano and I would watch her release all her frustrations to the keyboard. You must never abandon the art of making beautiful music ....or writing beautiful words....or arranging beautiful flowers.....or

Kenju you can buy a nice used piano and not spend a lot of money...when my children were small - my parents of blessed memory bought them one for about $200 and they both learned how to play. I took lessons as a child and never really got into it, but once the children married etc. I started again at age 50 and have developed my own style. I have taken lessons and continue to do so even now. I love to play duets, with my teacher and continue to play tunes from the 40's and 50's on up...Playing the piano is part of my daily therapy...Carnegie Hall called and said I could not play there, but could buy a ticket...

Hurrah, hurrah, and please let us know how it goes.

Your kids were lucky. I'm sure having that music really influenced their early development. :)

Judy, I've played the piano all of my life. I can't read a note. Bud I did hook up a keyboard to my Mac. Im sure you can do same for Pc. I love it. I can turn the keyboard into any instument I choose--and the piano sound, by the way, is as good as the real thing--maybe better. Bud


I have always longed to play the piano.

When I was about 10 my Mother bought a used upright piano and arranged for a piano teacher to come to our house and teach my brothers and me how to play.

The teacher was very heavy and when he sat on the piano bench the legs fell collapsed and he sprawled on the floor and was very embarrassed. We were careful not to smile and we helped him to his feet and apologized but the damage was done. He left our home at once and never returned, and that was the extent of my music lessons.

Just think, if that bench had been stronger, I might have been at Juilliard instead of night school learning bookkeeping.

Need a link to Kenju's blog if that is possible?

MotherPie: The link to the writer's blog is always the blog's name in the byline at the top of the story.

Oh I LOVE this, Judy...I like you LOVE music and sometimes forget how much it warms my heart and my soul! And I think it's great that you will start playing the organ again...! You might look into getting a small upright Judy...Or even a "keyboard"...Anyway, have fun!

Mrs. Kenju aka Judy, I particularly identified with playing the piano more when you were a kid once your mom stopped the lessons.

It has been a long time, but believe it or not, I played a harmonica as a kid. Because of your post, I think I'll dig it out and try again. How you describe your music is how I describe my art longings. I am currently resurrecting my old arts and crafts space.

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