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Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Skeleton

By Ronni Prior of Rants By Ronni

Many years ago, I had a friend who was in a medical fraternity at the University of Toronto. He discovered, in a forgotten closet in the basement, a partial skeleton. No doubt it had been stolen from the department by a member who had graduated and gone a generation or so ago.

(No, it was not somebody who got accidentally shut in during a party and never heard from again.)

It was not a complete skeleton and what there was, was wired together. There was a skull, a torso and one arm.

My friend decided that Mr. Bones needed some air. It was just dawn and rush hour traffic was commencing. We loaded Mr. Bones into the car. I sat in the middle of the bench seat, and Mr. Bones rode next to the passenger window.

The looks on people's faces as we passed them were priceless, particularly when he waved at them.

It was years later before I realized what a stupid and irresponsible thing that was to do. I'm sure I have several aeons to serve on the Isle of Atonement for that little stunt. Thank heavens nobody was hurt, and no wrecks caused.

But it sure was funny at the time.

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My high school friends hung a bloody (ketchup) manniquin arm from the trunk of their car and drove around town. It appeared that a body was in the trunk.
Instead of thinking about the fear you caused, revel in the smiles and laughter you caused!!

Hi Ronni,

Loved your skeleton story and don't think you caused any undue damage to anyone.
It was a clever joke and should have been taken for exactly what it was; a fraternity prank which should have caused laughter,not anger, and certainly should not have caused any accidents.
Funny story!

When I am a skeleton, I hope I'm used to provide a little fun instead of just laying around.

I wish I had the courage to pull clever pranks. A small, but kind of mean prank my daughter and I played on my husband. We made honeycomb candy, my husband's favorite, but turned out awful, probably because we overboiled the sugary syrup.
We offered it to my husband, saying it was delicious, and laughed at his horrified expression when he tasted it.

"But it sure was funny at the time."

... and it's still funny now! Thanks for the giggles.

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