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Monday, 14 January 2008

Little Brown Boots

By Ronni Prior of Rants By Ronni

There used to be a wonderful thrift shop here in town run by the ladies of the Lutheran Church. Most of them were elders and as a young mom, I loved talking with them and listening to their stories. A trip the thrift shop was the highlight of my week for quite some time.

Shopping there one day, when Chandra was a toddler, I found a lovely pair of brown boots that would fit her perfectly. They were old, soft leather. Worn but not damaged, I considered them a treasure.

When I took them to the counter to pay for them, the lady on the register teared up and told me about them. She had bought them for her son, born before World War II. He had outgrown them pretty rapidly, as kids do. She had carefully preserved them, hoping to give them to a child of his someday. That day never came, as her son and his wife were unable to have children. The boots came to the thrift shop.

After Chandra outgrew them, Vanessa wore them. I had them for about five years and saddle soaped them and kept them oiled and soft. After Vanessa outgrew them, I took them back to the shop, and handed them to the same lady and we both cried a little.

I hope the next person who bought them appreciated them as much as I did.

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What a good testament to recycling!

Hi Ronni,

What a sweet story. You did a very nice thing when you returned those boots.

I bet they did, Ronni. Thanks for this.

Very touching story. I bet the woman was shedding tears the second time out a gladdness that those boots had and will serve other children.

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