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Monday, 18 February 2008

The Valentine's Day Dinner

By Susan Gulliford of Hillsborough NJ Journal

Years ago when my husband and I were still working the corporate track, a year when Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday, we made no plans to celebrate as we had so much going on at our respective jobs that we couldn’t even take the time to go out to dinner.

When I arrived home after a terrible, snow-slowed commute lugging my briefcase with the evening’s work, I stepped into the house and noticed the slight scent of wood smoke. As I stepped into the front hall, I saw a fire flickering in the living room fireplace.

Our folding card table was set up in front of it covered with a white tablecloth and set with two places of the good china and silver, filled water and wine glasses, and a pair of candlesticks complete with lit candles. A dining room chair was placed on each side.

As I approached the table I could see that my husband had set out our Valentine’s Day dinner. Each of the plates had a neatly wrapped Burger King Whopper on it.

All these years later, it’s still the most romantic, memorable, thoughtful Valentine’s gift I have ever received.

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This proves what I always say " It is not the price you pay for a gift, but the thought and time that goes into it, tha makes it memorable.

What a nice story; with a wonderful surprise ending.

O Henry couldn't have done better!

I found myself saying, "Oh yes, oh yes." Thank you for this bit of delight. :)

The part that makes this so special is that it was completely unexpected. That is what would make it memorable for me like the time my husband gave me a gift for no occasion.

What a story to perk up my day. It is grey and rainy outdoor, but thoughts of that candlelight dinner did warm up my heart. Thanks.

He deserved a prize for that surprise, and I hope you gave him one.....LOL

This is a darling Valentine!

What a sweet story. I was so touched. Thanks for taking time to share it.

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