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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Shopping Alone

[EDITORIAL NOTE: There are a couple of stories about mothers in the hopper and as U.S. Mothers' Day is coming up on 11 May (I don't know if other countries celebrate it), I am saving them until the week preceding the Sunday holiday. If others would like to send "mother stories", I'll publish a week or so of them all at once. Deadline for submission is Friday, 2 May.]

By Norm Jenson of Mostly Anecdotal

My wife and I seldom go shopping together. My shopping trips are short, hers are long. I know what I want, she doesn’t. I buy what I need, and go home. She likes to pack a lunch and make a day of it. Hers is let’s go and look around and we may discover that there is something we need that we didn’t know we needed which is my definition of something we don’t need.

So when I needed a new computer chair I didn’t invite her to come with me. It would be a short trip, and she knew it. I was going to IKEA, one of her favorite stores, and she wanted to go, but she knows shopping with me when I’m on a mission is not much fun, and so she didn’t even get out the picnic basket.

She did take out her IKEA catalog and asked if I’d like to look at the section on computer chairs before I left. It sounded like a good Idea.

“Here let me show you,” she said, and started flipping through the pages. She stopped.“Look at this. Wouldn’t these little tables be great in the family room,” she said.

“I don’t see the computer chairs,” I said.

“Yes computer chairs,” she said and continued flipping the pages, and then stopped.

“Computer chairs?” I said.

“No, bookcases,” she replied.

“I want to see the computer chairs,” I said. I started getting that impatient feeling I get when we shop together.

“Well okay,” she said clearly disappointed that the shopping trip she wasn’t invited on was nearly over.

“Here they are; I like this one,” she said pointing, “and the desk that goes with it would be nice too,” she added.

“I have a desk,” I said.

“It’s a table,” she said.

“Same thing,” I said and gave her the look.

“Enjoy your shopping,” she said, and gave me a sweet kiss goodbye.

There is more to the story than I’ve told and so to be fair, let me come clean. If the shopping trip is to a bookstore, my motto is let’s go and look around, and we may discover that there is something we need that we didn’t know we needed which is my definition of time well spent and my wife’s definition of, it figures.

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Speaking for all women, we are just doing our part to help stimulate the economy. Oh my husband is going to love this so much. I must admit that I did too. Excellent!

I think every man alive could have written this one! Mr. kenju is the very same way, of course.

You seem to have spied on my shopping relationship with my wife.

I really enjoyed your story,Norm.
Especially this part:

"Enjoy your shopping," she said, and gave me a sweet kiss goodbye."

I just know you were dying to say,

"Well, good night, Agnes,"

I love the way this is written! You described my shopping habits perfectly...I like IKEA and bookstores!

This is so like my husband and me.
He has started doing the grocery shopping, and our food bills have gone down because he will only buy
what's on the list. I can't just say
"Get some apples" but I have to specify how many and what kind of apples.
He also doesn't trawl all the shelves, buying on impulse. This isfrustrating for me.
Great story!Well done, Nosrm.

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