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Wednesday, 04 June 2008

Now You See It…

By Leah Aronoff

Watch a solitary leaf shudder
Selective, delicate branch quiver
Alerts me to a presence.
The appearance of a sparrow,
Usually more than one,
Is as disappointing as
The appearance of half a worm
On a pole dangling in a stream.
The same sense of excitement
Attaches to motion caused by unseen beings
On a quiet summer day.
Wait for barely perceptible wake on still water.
For untoward movement in the weeds.
Move with the stealth and patience of a praying mantis.
Before the line is pulled,
One believes in the miracle of a captured trout.
Before the leaves are parted,
One believes in the magic of
Exotica with feathers.

Oh Blessed Noise
Sweet little whistles of goldfinch,
Heads down, clinging to the tops of
Coneflowers and sunflowers.
Clear penetrating call of blue jay,
Warning the marauding cat.
Burble of wren pops up
Now here, now there,
Catch me if you can.
Add to the medley
Drawn out plaintive meow of catbird.
Quivering shiver of sparrow child
Demanding food.
Pushy scream of crows in passing.
Complaining coo of mourning dove.
All command attention on a scorching day.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Once again, the cupboard is nearly bare of stories. Time for any readers inclined to share yours to send them along.]

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And those are the best things you can give your atention to!

Lovely writing, Leah.

I enjoyed reading both of your poems.

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