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Friday, 18 July 2008

Long, Long Ago and Far Away

By liloldme

"Hello," she said as she answered the phone on the third ring, breathless from her run up the basement stairs.

"Is Sam there?" inquired the male voice.

"Not at the moment," she replied. "Would you like to leave a message?"

"It's a long story," the man said.

"That's okay, I like long stories," she said, sitting down and taking a sip of water.

"Well first, I guess I'd better make sure I have the right Sam," said the man who sounded a little startled by her reply. "The Sam I'm looking for once went to school in Whitney Point, New York in the 1940s."

"Yes, Sam went to school in Whitney Point in the 40s," she said, a puzzled tone in her voice.

"Perhaps I should explain," said the man who told her his name was George. "My wife and her twin sister used to go to school with Sam way back when. She saw his name in our local phone book and wanted to call him up and say hello.

"That was five years ago and not wanting to seem foolish, she didn't call. Off and on through all these years, she's been trying to get up the nerve to call. So I told her that if she got her hearing aids I would make the call. She got her hearing aids today, and that's why I'm on the phone with you right now. A promise is a promise."

"Oh my goodness," she said smiling. "Sam will be so pleased. Actually Sam is on his way home after visiting family in upstate New York and is expected later today. I will be most pleased to pass on your message."

Echoing the female voice in the background, George continued, "He was in the army, right?"


“Yes,” George repeated. In the phone he said, "Oh boy. My wife had the biggest crush on him. She has his picture in front of me right now and wants me to ask you if he is still handsome."

"He's holding his own," she replied with a laugh in her voice. "He will be delighted by your call, and I'm sure he will get back to you soon."

When Sam arrived home she told him of the unusual phone call. Of course he remembered the twins!

Reminiscing, Sam told her of the time he was home on leave, just before shipping out, when he wanted to ask one of the twins out on a date. He couldn't decide which of the twins to ask, so he took them both to the movies.

They had to take a bus and then a trolley to get to the movie theater. People who saw the young man in his Army uniform with the identical twin girls smiled a sad smile and wished him luck. It was 1943, and the world was at war.

Sam called the next day to talk to the girl he knew when he was just a kid.

When the time came for him to go visit, he put on his best sports jacket and just to make sure, he combed his hair twice.

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Such a tender story. Any chance you can tell us who answered the phone? Was it his wife, his daugher, his caregiver? It really shouldn't make a difference but perhaps the other twin is single and Sam could be heading for romance.

Sure hope that your Sam managed to charm the twins after such a long time.

This is a story to catch the attention of a lot of readers. Many almosts happened to many. I did that hair combing thing myself. :-) Is there more? Who answered the phone? Was Sam dressed to go meet and visit with George's wife? I've got my popcorn popped.

Sam's wife answered the phone.

Sadly, one of the twins had died.

Sam had a delightful visit with George and his wife.

Sam's wife was unable to accompany him during the visit due to temporary illness, she had the flu.

I am Sam's wife, and I approve this message.


What a nice story!

OMG this is such a great story. I think most of us have such wonderful memories we sometimes are afraid to do something about. This was one of those I'm just going to do and it was great.

Thanks so much for inviting us into this time capsule..

Dorothy from grammology

I would love to have the nerve to call some old flames. It would be so fun to catch up. I know a few of them wouldn't have any hair left to comb, though.

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