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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Storytelling Excellence Award - June 2008

The vote is in. Ballots counted. And the June 2008 Storytelling Excellence Award goes to –

Liawinnerbadge Lia who blogs at Yum Yum Cafe for Collective Critical Censorship

If you have not read Lia's story – or the other nominees – you have a great deal of reading pleasure in store. Every one of the five is storytelling at its best.

Saying that, I don’t want to take away from the other stories here. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve done at The Elder Storytelling Place to make the nominee selections, as I suspect it will be every month.

The purpose of the award is to bring more attention to the stories published here. Readership has grown steadily during the life of the blog and continues to do so, but all the contributors deserve wider distribution.

As far as I know, there are no professional writers among the storytellers, but the quality is as good as and better in some cases, than what I read from some who get paid for what they write.

There is another aspect to this growing collection. The stories, taken together, are a remarkable repository of what life was like during most of the 20th century. And unlike surveys, studies and polls that are limited by their form and by biases of the researchers, these stories in the aggregate reveal what contemporary boomers and elders are really like – what forms our attitudes, beliefs, aspirations and opinions.

It would take more time and effort than collating percentages in poll results, but marketers could do a better job of reaching our generations – to our benefit and theirs - if they spent some time at The Elder Storytelling Place.

But let’s not get too analytical. Humankind has been telling stories, passing on its lore and its wisdom since the days of cavemen (and women). And that’s what we’re doing at The Elder Storytelling Place – to my daily pleasure and, I hope, yours.

There is a new page where monthly nominees’ and winners’ names are permanently stored. You can find it in the right sidebar just under the blog subscription form. And you can find all the stories by month and storyteller name in the dropdown menus, also in the right sidebar.

Congratulations to Lia as the first monthly winner of the Storytelling Excellence Award.

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Congratulations, Lia. It was a fun story.

You made it so real I could almost feel the honey running down that arrogant woman's neck.

Well told!

You may think it was difficult to pick the five nominees but I can tell you it was also difficult to decide how to cast my vote. Congratulations to Lia and to the other nominees for great stories.

Congratulations, Lia. Well deserved.

I always enjoy your stories. They are so well written and interesting.

I still smile when I think of the story you wrote about your little boy looking like a beetle when his heavy back pack tipped him on his back. You are always so descriptive that the reader can see the word picture you paint.

Uhm...sorry, Ronni, but I'm a professional writer, although the type of writing I do is different than the stories/commentaries/memoirs that I have submitted to The Elder Storytelling Place.

I write features and do municipal coverage. I never really thought of myself as a writer until the IRS said so..LOL.

I, too, had a hard time picking a story to vote for, but the deciding factor was wishing that I could have been the one pouring the honey!

Congratulations, Lia!!!! You earned this with an excellent story!!!!

Like Susan I had a difficult time casting my ballot because all of the stories were winners and wonderful!!!!

Thanks for doing this. You know I enjoy stopping by, and I bet lots of others do to.

Thank you Ronni for setting up this awards contest; for there are so many good stories and sometimes I forget how good they are. This contest allows us to revisit some of those stories. And, I must say that I am thrilled to have gotten the award.

I've noticed since you started the contest, I tend to read the daily stories with more intensity than before.

Thank you also to those that voted.

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