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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley

By Nancy Leitz

When I looked out the window of my office at Penn Packing Co., I could see that the snow was beginning to come down. It was 5:00PM and dark because it was December 15th. Time to go home.

I walked to the corner of 8th and Callowhill and waited for the trolley along with a lot of other people who also wanted to get home or get to the stores on Market Street for Christmas shopping.

My route took me on the #23 trolley to Tasker Avenue in South Philadelphia, then west on Tasker via the "Trackless trolley" (Really a bus with an electrical connection to overhead wires), then I walked one block North to 1412 Dickinson Street. That was home. We lived on the Third floor of a beautiful old row townhouse on a very narrow street.

As the trolley approached Callowhill Street, I could see that it was very crowded but I thought there would be standing room, and there was. After boarding I was able to make my way toward the center door and stand in the crowd.

In order to steady myself I reached for the silver pole that you could hold on to. The gentleman standing next to me was already holding the same pole so I placed my hand above his and held on. He smiled at me but didn't say anything. I smiled back and the trolley lurched forward to the next stop.

We stopped and started up again at Vine Street, Race Street, Arch Street, and people got on and some got off and each time we stopped or started the trolley bucked and swayed, but my pole companion and I just continued to hold on to that pole for dear life. After a few more minutes, the conductor called "Market Street, next stop, next stop is MARKET ST." Lots of shuffling of feet and nudging of shoulders as the passengers who wanted to get off at Market headed for the center doors.

My pole companion turned to me then and said with a smile," Would you please move your hand now. I want to get off at Market Street." I looked at him and got a little sassy as I replied, "Feel free to get off. Don't let me stop you." With that he asked me again to move my hand and this time I did. Then with great embarrassment watched him leave the trolley with his newly-purchased ALUMINUM SNOW SHOVEL.

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HI Nancy,
I always love reading your stories. I felt like I was with you every step of the way and could feel the crowds jostling on the bus. Good punch line.

When I saw your name on the story I knew it was going to start my day with a laugh. You are one witty woman, Nancy, and I love your stories.

What a brilliant story, I've a huge grin on my face now!

Great, great story...
Thanks for the laugh...

Laughing out loud now!! Thanks, Nancy! I love your willingness to share your foibles!

Hi Sharry: Thanks for reading my story and your nice comment. I appreciate it.

Darlene: Always happy to put a smile on your face.

Elly: I'm delighted to see you here.Glad you liked the story.

Claire Jean: Actually, the whole trolley car laughed when that guy stepped off with his aluminum shovel.
He's probably still telling the story,too.

Get OUT! LOL. I was prepared for a little romance, a little sexy something, a little pickup line...but NOT the SNOW SHOVEL! Never, ever tell if this didn't really happen....

Hey Judy,

How did you slip in there so fast?Thanks for your comment.

I have had a life full of missteps and embarrassing moments. But, guess what? I've had a lot of laughs,too.

How about the time I was invited to a party and didn't know the hostess very well. When she answered the door she had on hostess pajamas which I had never seen before or even heard of. I thought we were too early and she wasn't dressed yet. I got very flustered and apologized for catching her in her pajamas. She was cool about my gaffe but the other guests were in hysterics. I'll never live that one down.....

Hi Nance,

Yeah! I was waiting for a little romance, a little sexy something,too.

No such luck! All I got was a good looking guy with a shovel and he didn't dig me....

Hi nancy,

There was I thinking it was going to lead to a romantic dinner...

Much better ending. I hope the guy thought of you each time he cleared the snow!

Well, hello.GM. Glad to see you.

Yes, I've often thought of that over the years. Did he think of me while he cleared the snow? Was he invited out to dinner parties just to tell his story? Would we have been happy together? The handsome stud and the painfully thin young woman?

Organ music up!! Announcer's dulcet toned voice telling us to tune in tomorrow for another episode of
"The Hung and The Breastless."

Heeeeee, heeeee...oh Nancy, thank you for the refreshing laugh...even at your embarrassing expense. Love your stories.....

Hi Joy,

Glad you enjoyed my embarrassment. I was always getting into scrapes like that. It's all part of the fun of life.

Hope you are feeling better.

Thanks for commenting....

Nancy, where have I been. Of course I have only been reading Ronni for 6 months but you surely made me smile. Can relate to much. Glad I found you.
Keep writing. I have just begun

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