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Thursday, 18 September 2008

When Old Dogs Die

By Morgana Sage

I've always thought that Emily would outlive me, for some reasons best ignored, but I must admit that my nine-year-old heroic Rottweiller cross-wolf/shephard, Emily Red Wood,
is declining due to bone cancer in her shoulder and lyme induced osteoarthritis in her hips.

As usual, Dear Em is keeping me active providing hospice.

She's being more macho than stoic, dontcha know, and plays her condition to the hilt, but I've noticed that she only cries or whimpers when she wants me to help her up. She seems exhausted, but still has strength enough to hop with just a balancing lift on the sling.

She's responding happily to palliative herbs and laughter, as we reminisce about our past together, before she goes.

I’m shedding many tears that I'm learning to let go of more easily. Sobbing on the web? Well, so what! She probably won't die today.

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I took care of our beloved 18 year old Brendan as he slowly went down. He was a perfect being in feline form.
Our purrs to Emily Red Wood, a Dog of Greatness.

My heart goes out to you, Morgana. These furry family members are so much a part of us, give us so much love and companionship, demand so little in return, and leave us way too soon. What a gift Emily Red Wood has been to you - and you to her.

We had to put our Little Guy down this summer.

When I was in my early 20s and our family dog died my mother declared, "No more dogs! You get one and you fall in love and then look what happens!" My parents never did have another dog, but their children did...

I posted on my blog on August 1st about losing our Little Guy:



I'm sorry you are going to lose Emily,but what a lucky pair you are to have had each other.

I had to have my beautiful yellow kitty ,Oui Oui (She was French), put to sleep because of bone cancer.

I know how you feel.......

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