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Monday, 17 November 2008

Continuing The Elder Storytelling Place?

Many of you left comments and emailed that you are sorry to see the demise The Elder Storytelling Place. Me too, and it’s been only ten days since the last story appeared.

I had hoped, in my last post, to induce some of you to send in some stories, but perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I intended to be. Whether this site continues or not is up to you – readers and writers. I am more than willing to do my part of getting them posted; I just need stories to work with.

So if you would like The Elder Storytelling Place to continue, get thy fingers to a keyboard and tell us your stories.

Perhaps a reminder of how it works is in order. That information can be found here. If any new contributors are concerned about whether your story will be accepted, only three of more than 400 submissions have been denied publication - one for misogyny and two for ageism.

A handful of people have sent stories since the announcement and they will appear here during the rest of this week with, as usual, links from the bottom of each day’s post at Time Goes By.

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I really do hope that you get some submissions, Ronni. I have exhausted my supply, I fear.

Yes, I understood that it was over...Great, I'll get on it!
And I was sidetracked by politics.

I, too, thought it was over. I’ve had something sitting for several months and will now rework it. It will be good to get back to something besides politics.

Hurrah! The stories are back! O.K. Everybody, get writing.

I'm down to one hand at the moment, but as soon as I get two I will write a story for you.

Perhaps everyone is tired of politics and want to get on getting with getting on.

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