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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Difference Between Grandparents and Great Grandparents

By liloldme

  • GRANDPARENTS come into the world of a child store-bought old.

  • They have time in one pocket and money in the other.

  • They think you are funny and smile at the things you do that make moms and dads give you that “I'm counting to three, kid” look.

  • They have laps to sit in and storys to tell.

  • What's really neat about grandparents is that sometimes moms and dads give them the same exasperated look they give you.

  • They let you stay up late and eat cookies for breakfast. Talk about cool!

  • Childhood is encouraged, nurtured and applauded by the dear old things, unlike parents who keep telling you to sit up, grow up and pay attention.

  • GREAT GRANDPARENTS come into the world dinosaur-old with the same dinosaur wrinkles and weird eyes, and they too sort of lumber when they walk.

  • They have Kleenex in one pocket and pills in the other.

  • You are given warning looks when you try to sit in the lap of a great-grandparent could collapse like a house of cards, and the groans they make somewhere in the middle of their interior can scare a kid for a week.

  • Talking to great-grandparents can be something of a challenge because they are apt to nod off in the middle of your story.

  • Not to worry about making a lot of noise though, ‘tis said a jet could take off next to them and they would not even flinch.
[Everyone age 50 and older is invited to submit stories for publication at The Elder Storytelling Place. Information and instructions on how to do that are here.]

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LOL.....I never fed my grandchildren cookies for breakfast, but I do let them get away with more than my kids did.

I like your observations. I wonder what you would put in the parents' list.

So many of them too. There's a big physical distance from us to where they are. I miss the thems I don't know.

I also let my grandchildren get away with much more than my own children did...It's sometimes difficult to contain my laughter at some of what they do and say knowing their parents would not approve...

I used to be a grandmother, until my daughter passed away and now, I am a mother again.

Any articles on that one? :)

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