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Thursday, 14 May 2009

An Octogenarian's Lament

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Morton Reichek of Octogenarian frequently contributes stories to The Elder Storytelling Place. Recently, he sent the poem below with this note: “We now have two octogenarians in my family. My wife Sybil has just turned 80. A group of her friends are celebrating the event this week with a birthday party in her honor. She has composed this poem to read to them.”

By Sybil Reichek

I look in the mirror and see a strange face.
Oh, surely this image is in the wrong place.

There should be a picture, alive and aglow,
A young pretty girl with no signs of woe.

But alas I see a woman, who's old and worn,
With wrinkles and lines from the cares she has borne.

It's hard to accept
That never again
Will I get the glances of much younger men.

I really feel like I'm out of the loop.
The computer keyboard to me
Looks like alphabet soup.
The mouse is erratic and just won't behave
And I never remember the key
For work that you save.

I don't have a Blackberry, or play a Nintendo game
And all the hip-hop music
To me sounds the same.

I'm even beginning to feel quite bitter
That I have no idea
What it means to TWITTER!

And so like the poet
I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high
O'er vale and hill when
All at once I saw a crowd
Not of golden daffodils
But of my wonderful friends.

I really should tell ol' Wordsworth
That a friend brings more joy
Than a daffodil.

Your love and compassion
Have helped me through the years
As you have patiently listened
To my woes and my fears.

So thank you and bless you
For helping me celebrate my special day.
Your devotion means more to me
Than I can say.
I love you all.

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I'm glad that you posted this on the Story Telling Place because it deserves a wide audience. It is such a clever way to describe the feelings of many of us.

Good job, Sybil.

Friendship seems the heart and soul of this poem. What a wonderful gift you are giving your friends as they have given you.

Oh, I adore this poem. THANK YOU for sharing it, and happy belated birthday. On the same day, my mother turned 98, and probably was unaware of the milestone. You have spunk, humor, honesty, and gratitude. Blessings all which clearly have attracted much love and devotion, including a community of fine friends.

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