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Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Tag Team Rascals

By Camille Koepnick Shaffer

With Easter two days away, I am spending Good Friday like a "good Polish woman," getting ready. Tomorrow Bill and I go to church to have the basket of food blessed - a long-standing tradition.

The ham, kielbasa, beet horseradish and pierogis have been purchased. This morning I dyed the eggs. I spent the afternoon baking the lamb cake followed by making the butter lambs.

Through all this, I had company - the two bad boys, the poodles, never left the kitchen. They were always in the way, poking their noses around, sniffing the air, watching every move I made AND begging! I shouted at them frequently to get out of my way to no avail. I called to Bill to remove them from the kitchen - also to no avail. And so it went.

I finally had the lamb cake safely in the oven, the butter lambs firming up in the freezer and I went into my office for a breather. Then I heard it - the strange thump, thump sound of the garbage can, the LOCKED garbage can no less.

I had spent a lot of time at various stores, months ago, searching for a locked can. The naughty boys had figured out how to flip open the lid on the former one and had regular search and eat missions. Ergo, the new locked model.

They were constantly at this new can and had somehow managed to open it one time. Bill blamed me, said I did not lock it. I vehemently disagreed, being an anal type person and priding myself on attention to detail.

With this one time faux-pas history on the poodles part, I called to Bill to get into the kitchen as HIS poodles were up to something. I figured I deserved a break. After a couple more requests from me, Bill reluctantly got up to investigate. As he neared the kitchen I heard, "Bad boy, bad boy.”

When I inquired as to what was up, he said Bonnieux had gotten into the garbage - that I again did not lock it. BUT I DID! I KNOW I double checked it. The garbage had lots of egg shells from baking, excess flour from dusting pans, wrappers from butter etc. etc.

Bill said Bonnieux was the culprit. Next Bill shouted, "Get out here and look at Louis!" Louis had snuck away when he first heard Bill approaching and he re-appeared from the living room. He was covered in flour. The black poodle was completely gray on this entire head and half of his left side. No mistaking HIS part in the crime. As I scolded Louis for this, he did his usual - made a bee line for my office and hid under the day bed, refusing to come out.

Ignoring the two of them, I plunked my fat fanny on a kitchen stool and waited for the lamb cake to finish baking. Low and behold, I had company. Bonnieux lay right in FRONT of the oven STARING AT IT! Waiting, patiently waiting.

I got up to do the "toothpick test" on the extra pound cake that I was baking alongside the lamb cake and Bonnieux got up to poke HIS head into the oven for a good whiff! I had half a notion to push him right in and bake HIM!

During this routine, Louis found his way back into the kitchen lest he miss out on anything. And there the three of us sat, waiting. And, believe me, the poodles never took their eyes off the oven door.

When it was finally time to pull the goodies out of the oven, I had Bill sequester the two bad boys with him. That's where they all are as of this writing.

I re-checked the locked garbage can and have discovered the problem. Over time, the sliding bar has gotten a bit looser. I know Bonnieux, the great problem solver, now knows how to open it. I believe he is ready for Ringling Brothers. Happy Easter!

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Cute story, I can just see the bad boys sitting in front of the oven.

I have two bad girls you can have for 50 cents to go with your bad boys! Great story . . . and all too familiar.

How empty our lives would be without our little rascals!! Your love for them and their antics shines through your article. I have some feline rascals that I love too.

My late Bichon, Charlie, always knew where the good stuff was and was an expert at getting it. They can test you just like some children can and, while exasperating, they are lovable.

Hello Camille,

Very cute story...enjoyed all of the stories you've posted at this website.

I don't suppose you were ever a teacher at QAS in Chicago between 1977-79?

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