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Monday, 29 June 2009


By Sydney Halet

To some people, what I am writing might sound like blasphemy or heresy, but it isn’t! I dreamt that I was given an interview with God, and this is the way it went as far as I can remember the dream:

ME: Why did You choose me for this interview; I’m certainly not the brightest bulb in the package?

G: Exactly. You couldn’t make up most of the answers that We give if you tried.

ME: Lord, where are You?

G: We exist outside the universe, and flow in and out at will. We are here. That’s all you need to know!

ME: How can You do that?

G: We are an amorphous energy; a thinking, feeling, energy - a life force, if you will. Energy has no shape. Like water or air that takes the shape of the receptacle that it’s in, so do We. We may take the shape of anything or anyone as We see fit!

ME: Since You have no shape do you have a color or a gender?

G: No.

ME: Lord, what is Your “true” name?

G: We have many man-made names. Whatever name you respectfully choose to call Us, that’s what you will know Us as. Our “true” name must remain a mystery to all beings but Ourself.

ME: What is the one “true” religion?

G: There is NO one “true” religion. Every man, who practices a religion, claims to be a part of the one ‘true” religion, but, since We have no religion, there is no one “true” religion. Every religion is like a road leading to the same town or city, and We are that town or city. What you call the one “true” religion only exists in the minds of men. Any religion that teaches love not hate, tolerance not intolerance, peace not war, and comforts the minds of mankind is the “true” religion for mankind.

ME: Every religion has one or more evil spirits just waiting for mankind in general or in particular to commit an evil act or trying to lure mankind into committing an evil act. Are those evil spirits real?

G: Mankind has created those spirits out of an extremely fertile imagination. True goodness and true evil exist within man himself.

The ancient Hebrews put it best when they developed the idea of Yetzer HaRah, the desire to do evil and Yetzer HaTov, the desire to do good. When a man/woman sinks to his/her animal instincts towards others of his/her species, the Yetzer HaRah is at its most powerful zenith. When a man/woman rises above his/her animal instincts to help others of his/her species, the Yetzer HaTov rises to its most powerful zenith.

It’s far easier to follow Yetzer HaRah than Yetzer HaTov because Yetzer HaRah requires nothing but to follow thoughtless, careless animalism, while Yetzer HaTov requires overcoming thoughtless, careless, unfeeling animalism. Therefore, Yetzer HaTov is on a higher plane of existence.

ME: Man has developed theories of the creation of this world. Man has come up with “Creationism” as in the Bible, “Evolutionism,” the “Big Bang” theory, the “String” theory and so many others. Which one is correct?

G: The answer is far too complicated for mankind to understand. All the explanation that We can give to mankind is that by an extremely complex combination of the “Big Bang” theory and the “string” theory, We began the universe. That was followed by the evolution of man. The rest must be interpolated by mankind. As for the “Creation” story in the book you call the “Bible,” that is an explanation for those who choose to believe it.

ME: Are You truly omniscient, and what part does fate play?

G: We are, but not in the way that you would expect. You have freedom of choice, which is what We wanted you to have. We allow you to make your own choices, but We know the results of all choices that can be made.

Each choice leads to another set of choices for which We know the results. It’s as if you are at a cross-roads ending in another cross-roads. You are not puppets to be controlled, but We know where each choice that you CAN make will lead. We are omniscient in that way.

Fate is something that mankind has developed to explain why he is rich or poor, healthy or ill, in one place or another. It isn’t fate, it’s choices that he makes for himself or that are made for him.

ME: Is the Torah, or any Bible, completely the truth as written?

G: First, mankind must understand what “truth” really is. Let Us explain in extremely simple terms.

“Truth” is what the majority of people in any society or culture are willing to accept. Therefore, “truth” is what is believed. Since mankind wrote the Torah and Bibles, the “truth” is suspect. Of course, they were inspired by Us on several levels; but, the Torah and Bibles were not meant to be taken as historical fact. They were meant, instead, to set down the laws of how mankind should live; a spiritual guide, so to speak, and not a historical guide. It’s a bit like playing the game telephone: you start out with one short story, and by the time it gets around it has changed a great deal.

ME: There are fundamentalists who accept whatever Bible they have as truth and are willing to kill for it.

G: Mankind is allowed to believe whatever it wants, but killing to assert one’s beliefs over others is certainly forbidden.

ME: Which would You have mankind believe?

G: Whichever satisfies mankind.

ME: Is there life after death?

G: We will not answer that question fully because We see it as a deterrent for doing that which is evil. We will only say that if there is an afterlife, it will be nothing like what mankind has imagined. There will be no seventy virgins because We do not reward murder. There will be no spirits with wings looking like their former selves. Those are mankind’s view of an afterlife that they themselves have concocted to allay the fear of death. All that We will say to mankind is: Do NOT be afraid for We are always with you!

ME: What are good and evil?

G: They are value judgments based on what is accepted as such in each society and culture. We have given a set of laws to help to clarify those value judgments. Mankind, unlike animals, has the choice of doing good or evil. He has both inclinations within him.

ME: Is it easier to do good or evil?

G: Mankind has to learn what is good or evil, NOT in his/her society, but according to the laws that We set before him/or her. Once mankind learns, then mankind must face the fact that both inclinations are within him/her. When mankind learns what is good and what is evil and faces his/her inner self, he/she can make choices.

Now, to answer your question: it’s easier to do evil than good because to do good, one must overcome the evil inclination. Overcoming takes more effort than just falling into a habit or pit.

ME: In the Bible, the Jews were called “the chosen people“. What were they chosen for?

G: They were chosen to teach mankind how to live by the laws that We have given. They were not to be rich or famous or saved from natural or man-made disasters as illustrated by floods, famines, plagues; or pogroms and holocausts, or other forms of anti-Semitism. They were to set the examples by following Our laws despite those obstacles. Those who became rich or famous did so on their own.

ME: Do You answer every prayer?

G: We hear every prayer, individually and all at once, and We answer every prayer, but We do not do it as mankind thinks. A great deal of the time the answer is “no” so that there is no visible sign that the prayer has been heard. At other times, the answer is “yes”, but it is done in such a way that mankind will not recognize the answer and will thank me anyway.

ME: Do You still speak to mankind?

G: Yes, through dreams and hopes. Sometimes, they are the same things, and sometimes they are warnings.

ME: On what day is the true Sabbath?

G: On whatever day man chooses to rest and to remember Us.

ME: What do You me by “rest and remember”?

G:When people attend church, mosque, synagogue, on whatever day they have chosen, and when those people leave their problems and daily lives outside the doors of their “holy” places to think of Us, their minds reach a different plane of existence. True “rest” is a “rest” for the mind and spirit so that people are able to face the next week’s problems with a fresh vision and attitude.

ME: Do You have any political views on such things as abortion, civil rights and democracy versus plutocracy, autocracy, oligarchy or Communism?

G: No. We have given mankind freedom of choice. We have also given mankind laws by which to live. Mankind must choose the path that is correct. We will not tell mankind which path is correct. We will only tell mankind to choose the most peaceful and loving path according to its own heart.

ME: Why is there war?

G: War is a man-made tool to acquire the power to tell others how to live, pray, vote and/or think. We do not condone war nor is there a “true” or acceptable rationale that We will accept. There is no “correct” way to pray, vote, think or live save what We have given to mankind in the 613 Commandments.

ME: Why does nature develop new diseases once we have cured others?

G: Nature is a by-product of whatever We created first. Nature tends to keep the species in check while the species grows and learns how to live with one another. As each new disease is created, mankind learns to deal with it while mankind learns how to care for one another. Think of natural disasters as diseases as well. Mankind has a great distance to go in learning how to care for one another.

ME: Why do bad things happen to good people?

G: We are not the cause. We do not kill, maim, injure or cause sorrow. Mankind kills and nature kills. We have told you about nature, and We have given you a partial answer when we spoke about war. As far as mankind has come from the days of the lawless cave dwellers, mankind still is a cave dweller at heart. Anger, revenge, jealousy, thoughtlessness are still in mankind’s animalistic personality. No, that is an insult to most animals that do no kill out of those “human” foibles.

Mankind is supposed to be above that, but in some ways, animals are superior. They kill for food or to protect their homes or “territories” as mankind has labeled them. Humans set a series of events in motion, without thinking, that cause others harm and death, often to those whom humans have labeled “innocent bystanders”. Yet We take the blame - “God giveth and God taketh away.”

Those words may make those who suffer feel better, yet when one thinks rationally about the sorrow, one realizes that it was mankind or nature that has caused the pain. Yes, it is true that We created both in essence, so We will take the blame. As one of the American presidents said, “The buck stops here!”

ME: There has been a problem about abortion. Do You approve of abortion? When does life begin?

G: Let us answer you second question first. Mankind has been trying to answer that question for two millennia.

Some ancient idolatrous religions, in order to answer that question have said that the gods created mankind in order to be worshiped. The ancient Hebrews have said in their Bible that We created mankind in Our own image out of the dust of the four corners of the earth, and that We blew the breath of life into mankind. If that is so, then life begins when mankind is able to take it’s first breath.

Some of mankind believes that the beginning of life is like an acorn. The acorn takes root and sends up a shoot. The shoot is alive, but the acorn that does not send up a shoot is not alive. We will leave mankind to choose whichever belief satisfies mankind.

Now as to your first question: Do We approve of abortion? Here again, the answer is complex. We neither approve nor disapprove of abortion. If the creation of a child is considered to be viable when it takes its first breath, then We approve of abortion prior to that time. But if the creation of a child is similar to acorn sending out a shoot, then, We do not approve. Mankind must set aside its emotional outbursts about abortion and look for an answer that is both logical and scientific.

ME: You keep referring to yourself as “we, us, and our.” Is there more of one of You?

G: No. We use the kingly plural to refer to Ourself because mankind has determined that We are the King of the Universe.

ME: Do You have any final words for mankind?

G: We have this final thing to say: mankind is in its childhood. It treats life like a game of tag or cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. Life will only be a fun game when mankind grows up and realizes that it is here, on this Earth, to help to perfect it and not to ruin it. Mankind is here, on this Earth, to learn to respect and care for one another and not to try to force each other into submission. Mankind should NOT be trying to play God because We are the only God that there ever was or ever will be!

* * *

At that point, a silent bolt of lightning flashed across the vast darkness that enveloped me. There was no giant clap of thunder following the lightning as one might suspect. I felt as if I were falling through the blackness. My stomach was churning and my heart was racing.

I landed in my bed. My pajama top was drenched in sweat. I woke up and went down to my computer to write what I remembered of the dream. Was it a dream? I don’t know. I do know that like all others in mankind, my memory is faulty. I hope that I got most of the dream right.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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