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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

St. Anna's: My Final Resting Place

By Lyn Burnstine of The Lynamber Times


In the perfection of a day such as this,
a gentle zephyr stirring the perfect seventy-two degree air,
the birds singing their canticle to the sunny, dry day,
I sit with my writing book in hand.
The loveliness of the new mown grass’s aroma,
cancels out annoying mechanical sounds of the mower.
The wooded and brambled patch behind us,
a haven for birds,
rich with delicate new greenery
and fruity odors.
Soon the berries will ripen – red, tart, succulent.

At the building’s front,
it’s another world:
buses rumble by,
honking and spewing noise
and noxious fumes,
Car horns honk,
people shout;
dogs bark,
Concrete and motors heat up the air.
But back here, I can be alone,
transported back in memory
to all the tranquil shady lawns in my life -
this one I don’t have to mow.

Through the trees I can glimpse the mansion:
elegant reminder of an earlier century,
when this exquisite property was a private farm and estate.
I say a litany of gratitude
for the generosity of the last of the family
who gave this beautiful place for our use.

We who live here are a motley crew:
widows, widowers,
divorcees, immigrants,
some handicapped by disease or accidents,
many more handicapped by age.
All are in our last decades of life,
all needed a safe, affordable home.
It could have been plain
or ugly
or sterile.
Instead we call this green cathedral our home.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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Wonderfully written. Spectacular photo!

Thanks - Sandy

Beautiful Lyn. Thank you.

Beautiful trees.
Graceful movement, heavy with summer, peaceful to watch.
On stormy days they seem to throw temper tantrums the way they shake their limbs in fury at the wind.
Give me trees or water to watch any day.
Nice writing, thank you for sharing.

Thanks, all. I am indeed fortunate. Will someone please remind me of that when I get grouchy and cranky? Never with the place--only the noisy people.

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