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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Winds of Summer

By sltmas

As the cool air floats through the open window, flowers rest their heads in slumber while crickets warm their instruments to play a gentle lullaby. All are turning in for the evening as tomorrow awaits the colors of the morning sun.

A weekend of beginnings for friends and family - little ones' first breaths, new home purchased and the beginning of new journeys.

I spent time soaking in the sun and listening to the sounds of water gently playing - family along with friends finished placing the new roof on the house. My sister said the community bank's float took first place again for the third year in a row, as children gathered candy in the parade.

Was thinking tonight how blessed I am with family and friends. Dad and I were talking and it's not monetary things that are important; it's the touches of the heart that count.

Family spent the 4th of July at the lake. I didn't make it, but Dad picked up rocks along the lake for me - no store-bought purchase could have topped that present. A friend of mine, Gail, always sends me a hand-written card at least once a month (yes we still do that). How those hand-written words mean the world to me. Or hearing the sound of a voice.

So my words of wisdom this week - drop someone a hand-written card, give them a call or even better, stop for a visit. And tell those you know you are glad to count them as one of your blessings.

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Nice post -- I will heed your "words of wisdom" and send a dear friend a card; a good idea!

Such a lovely reminder of the importance to maintain connections with those we care about...and in today's world of a quick email, such a treat to receive a handwritten note. I'm going to write a note to a friend right now!

That's a wonderful suggestion.

My handwriting has become so bad I can't read it, but I will send a card enclosing a note written on my word processor to a friend and explain that I wish it were handwritten. I am sure she will understand.

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