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Thursday, 29 October 2009

How Big is Your World?

By Lois Cochran of Guitar Grandma


Sarah ate a quarter. Not a quarter of an apple, or a quarter of a grape
Sarah ate a quarter of a dollar.

Sarah was always eating something or other (mostly other)
she wasn’t supposed to eat.

Sarah believed that your world is as big as you make it
And Sarah’s world was getting bigger all the time

Sarah’s world was filled with so many curious things
And she wanted to taste them all

Sarah had a big belly ache one day, a really big, bad belly ache
So bad, her mother took her directly to the hospital

Sarah would probably have loved this new adventure
But her belly hurt so much she could only cry

Sarah’s mom was angry and said some bad words to the hospital man
She wondered why, but her belly hurt too much to pry.

Sarah’s mom said, "Don’t worry, Sweet Sarah, we’ll find another hospital."
Again, she wondered why, but she could only cry.

Sarah’s mom knew that if they only had insurance...
Someone would be helping Sarah now to feel better

And she began to cry.
Some people live in smaller worlds that don’t include everyone

Such a damn shame!

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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This is a great story pointing out the need for medical insurance for all. A well written story is more effective than all the statistics in the world.

Good job, Lois. Clever and so very well written. You are a creative writer.

It certainly is a damn shame…Excellent story..

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