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Friday, 09 October 2009

Tabby To the Rescue

By Nancy Leitz

When Jerry was playing football at the high school, we joined the Parents' Club. It was fun and a way to meet the other parents,have a few parties after the games and do some good for the team members.

We hosted awards banquets for them and treated the coaches to Eagles football games and bought the team navy blue Blazers with the school logo on them. Fortunately they spelled Plymouth Whitemarsh correctly so it wasn't necessary to sell the jackets to Artie's. (See the story of the Clinton Arrows Shirt for an explanation of Artie's.)

Every Saturday during the season, we would go to the game, usually win (that was fun) and then go to a cocktail party at one of the parents' homes. Drinks were $1.00 and because different parents bought the bottles of liquor, all the money went into the fund for the kids.

Every parent brought a dish so we usually had enough food so we seldom had to go out to dinner. But, once in a while someone would decide to have a nice dinner party in their home and that is the story I am about to tell you.

We were invited to the home of Charlie and Betty Price who had a lovely house in Lafayette Hill. It was a bitterly cold and snowy night and their warmly lighted dining room was a welcome sight as we arrived and were greeted by our hosts.

We were invited to have cocktails before dinner, several different wines at dinner and an assortment of after dinner drinks that included brandy, Irish Coffee and Kalua. In short, there was absolutely no shortage of drinks. That is the good part. The bad part is that Roy sampled every single one of that wide assortment of spirits and was in a state of inebriated bliss.

He was so happy and congenial that when one of the guests decided to leave about 1AM (naturally, it was an unaccompanied, very pretty woman), he insisted on walking her to the door and seeing her out. She said "good night" and Roy put a very gentlemanly hand on her elbow to escort her, and they left the dining room for the front door which was around the corner and could not be seen from the dining table. We all continued our conversation and didn't think of them again.

About 10 minutes later, a huge cat came into the room and started meowing at us. He would shout at us, then turn and run toward the front door. The Prices told us that it was not their cat and they had never seen him before.

Again this big striped cat came in and ran around the table trying to get our attention. He yelled as loud as he could and again ran toward the door. By now, all eyes were on this cat and conversion came to a halt. As we sat there wondering who he was and what he wanted, the cat came back again, stood there and meowed very loudly and turned and ran for the door.

Because we had all grown up with Lassie, we were quite used to that dog interrupting Timmy's dinner by running into the house when the barn was ablaze and writing "FIRE" in the mashed potatoes, so we immediately started to pay attention to the cat.

Now, we all got up to see what he was warning us about and when we turned the corner from the dining room to the foyer, there on the floor was Roy, out cold with the front door wide open and the wind and snow blowing in on his prone body.

The cat was circling him and meowing and you could actually see the look of relief on that poor kittie's face when we all turned up to take care of Roy who was really just asleep, not unconscious. He woke up when all the commotion happened and we brought him into the family room and gave him a nice big chair.

Soon, everything and everybody settled down and Roy was again laughing and joking with us. The cat, who waited to make sure things were back to normal, turned on his heel, started to walk away, stopped, looked back over his shoulder at us and, with an air of disdain, put his tail in the air, sauntered toward the front door and left.

We all looked at him and one of the fellows said, "Who was that masked cat?" Hi Ho Silver, away.

The Prices told us later that they never saw that cat again.

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I thought maybe the lady he was escorting had mugged him. LOL What a great story. We all need a phantom cat.

I was wondering if Roy was perhaps kidnapped by the pretty woman… Gotta love that cat!!
Great story...

I have often heard of a guardian angel, but never a cat angel! Thankfully Roy was only taking a nap. ;)

Angel cats, by Allen Anderson, is a good book on the topic. I have a cat, have had it for 13 years. And they do have uncanny behaviors at time. She watches over us at night. And she knows, she reads right through us. She knows what we will be doing before we know it ourselves. I swear!

What a funny and amazing story. The cat that was Roy's savior. That's really spooky.

I am sure Roy has never heard the last of his nap on the floor by the open door.


Great story! Nancy

Poor Roy, he was only having a CAT nap!

PS Did you get invited back? ;-)

Nancy, you sure can tell them!! I wonder where that cat came from? And isn't it odd that they never saw him again?!

I fell asleep once when we had guests; they were mr. kenju's boss and his wife. I will never live that one down.

Oh, this is such a wonderful story. You always have such great stories to tell, and you don't have a blog where I can cheer you on. It's a delight to read you. Hugs.....

Granny Annie:

No, Annie, Roy was not mugged that night. I think the "Guard Cat" would have seen to that. We called him Tom Terrific.(The cat, not Roy.)

Claire Jean:

Wouldn't Roy have loved that? Being kidnapped by a young and attractive woman. I can hear him now "Get away from here, Kitty, I can handle this myself. I don't need your protection!" SHOO!


Yes, imagine him sleeping through a blizzard.That combination of drinks he had must have been really potent..

Hello Suzanne:

I must get that book about Angel Cats.Sounds interesting.. Maybe our puss is mentioned there. "Tom Terrific the Wonder Cat."

Aren't you lucky that you have such a wonderful kitty yourself?

Hi Darlene:

How did you guess that the crowd called Roy "Rip Van Winkel" for a long time after that episode?

Hi Steph:

How clever! A cat Nap. Now that you mention it, could that animal have been walking up and down Roy's back to give him a "CAT SCAN"?

Hey Judy:

Right! They told me several times that they never saw that cat again. Isn't that a mystery?

Now about falling asleep on Mr and Mrs Boss... Do what I do to keep guests and myself awake. Serve SPAM.

Hi Mage:

I am so happy that you like my stories. I really enjoy writing them and then to have them read and commented on is the icing on the cake. Thanks for your comment.

How sweet that little guy was watching over Roy. Good thing he was persistent. It is kind of funny that they never saw that little critter again. Another gem in your journal of goodies....

I've come back and read this again. :)

I think that cat had watched a lot of "Lassie" episodes!

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