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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Chocolate Love

By Johna Ferguson

I think I must be a chocoholic,
For I don’t think I’m an alcoholic.

But I have that craving just the same,
The only real difference is in the name.

When I put my lips to my morning beverage,
A cup of hot coffee needs its morning leverage.

Where oh where is that box of candy,
I left on the table so it would be handy.

I think someone has hidden it away from me,
Instead left me a jar of honey straight from the bee.

But that sweet goo won’t satisfy my craving,
For a tiny bit of chocolate I’d do any slaving.

For it soothes my soul, makes my mind so brilliant,
Makes my body feel like it’s swelled with fulfillment.

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Your poem goes right to my chocoholic heart. I enjoyed this clever and catchy poem from a fellow addict. Thank you.

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