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Wednesday, 03 February 2010

A Good Joke

By Johna Ferguson

Actually I’m not a bad person, but Jeanne, my best friend, and I do have great imaginations at times.

While my children were still young, three neighbor women and I formed a bridge group. Every time my husband went away for a few days, we’d set up the bridge table during the daytime in my family room since I was the only one with young children, and sit and play for hours on end.

One morning, when he was suddenly called out of town for a few days, I called the group and over they came, actually before I had done the dishes from the previous night or even gotten dressed. Oh well, didn’t matter; I’d fed and sent the children off to school on time.

I put on the big coffee pot and we all sat down for a fun time, hopefully one that would last into the afternoon until my children returned from school. We gossiped during the game; much laughter as a result of this or that fact. I was the youngest in the group. Jeanne was a divorced mother with two girls in high school. She sold real estate so her work time was variable. One was a single woman, temporarily out of a job, and one a widow with two older boys just living off her former rich husband’s investments.

We had just finished lunch, a salad and brownies I had made, when the phone rang. I was shocked for it was my husband, just heading back into town as the meeting had been canceled. He said he’d be home in about half an hour.

What to do? Such frenzy I have never seen. Two of the women left immediately, but Jeanne said she’d stay and help me clean up the house. Then she said, “Hey wait a minute.” You go lay down on the davenport, I’ll get a bottle of Pepto Bismal out of the bathroom and the thermometer and we’ll just pretend you’ve had a really bad upset stomach.”

She then proceeded to take down the bridge table and washed the luncheon plates. As my husband drove into the driveway she scooted out to meet him and tell him of my sad condition saying she’d just come over to check on me. She had an appointment or she’d have cleaned up the kitchen, but she thought I was feeling much better now.

My solicitous husband never found out about the game or if he did, he was kind enough not to tell me.

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Very funny and fast thinking on Jeanne's part. Everyone needs a good friend like Jeanne.

What year was this? Why couldn't you just tell your husband the truth?

I love a sense of humor! This certainly brought a smile to my face. Thank you for brighten my day.

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