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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bethany Center Senior Housing Murals

By Jan Adams of Happening Here


San Francisco's Mission District has a lot of murals. My pick for the most original blend of building with art are the ones on the undistinguished boxy apartment block that is Bethany Center Senior Housing. I don't know anything about this place except what is on the website, but I love it that they say they want to be more than "a reliable landlord." In San Francisco, a reliable landlord is a marvelous thing!


It would be pretty cool to live behind a window with this figure on its outside.


Or this very San Franciscan snapshot of another time.


This fellow could easily be a current resident.


They are having almost too good a time!


At ground level, artist Dan Fontes painted a ticket window in an exit alcove along with his credits. He called this enormous project "¡Salud!"

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Wow! It always amazes me how artists can paint a figure larger than life and still keep some perspective. I guess you have to have the ability to 'think big.'

The murals are terrific, but the whole idea too, too wonderful to be true..Bread and Roses triumphs always...Mary Follett

Inspiring! I really like those big bright pictures of positive elder images. Thank you!

These murals are worth enjoying on the next trip to San Francisco. Thanks for the reminder.
Ann B.

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