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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Politics Stink!

By Lois Cochran of Guitar Grandma

Does anyone remember why they voted for their “representatives” in Congress? And how’s that going for you? Or as Sarah would say, “how’s those promises workin’ for ya?”

Apparently, we elected folks who are far more interested in being re-elected than in representing us in vitally important issues for our survival. While we’re sitting out here wondering why the hell we can’t get a job or feed our family, or get the medical care we need, or send our kids to college, or . . . (fill in the blank), our elected “representatives” can’t even agree to TRY to work together. It’s so frustrating and embarrassing that I’m close to making a decision to never vote again.

All of them - and I mean ALL OF THEM - should be thrown out and we should start all over again. DON’T RE-ELECT ANY OF THEM!


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Now that technology rules, maybe we can change the way Congress operates. How about if they all live and work in the area they represent so they can see and feel firsthand what their laws do to us. They can do all their work by teleconferencing, and we could all watch from our computers at home. That way they couldn't buttonhole each other in the "corridors of power" and make secret trades and payoffs. They would not, however be permitted to deal with lobbyists by email, etc. The lobbyists would have to make personal visits to present their cases, and their comings and goings could be monitored by vigilant neighbors who could be the extension of the neighborhood watches that now exist. That might work for a while if it didn't turn into a communist snitching society. How do we keep ourselves and our representatives honest?

Lois - Hear hear! - Sandy

Did you ever wonder why a guy with a Law degree who could make Two Hundred Thousand Dollars a year with his feet up on his desk would spend Millions of his own and other's money to get a job that only pays $174,000 a year?

It doesn't make sense does it?Until you throw lobbyists into the picture....

Politics stinks—truer words were never spoken!

Up here in Alaska where our state legislators, who make a decent salary and receive an adequate per diem for expenses while they are in Juneau, are sniveling because lobbyists have to report any spending of more than $15 on a meal for said legislators. The legislators say they can't get a decent meal for $15. Whatever happened to not taking money or benefits from lobbyists? Unbelievable.

No Teabaggers, Please!

I want to vote every incumbent OUT, limit congressional terms to 8 years (if it's good enough for the President, it's good enough for Congress), set a cap on how much each candidate can spend to run for office AND a firm date when he/she can begin campaigning. Call me disgusted.

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