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Friday, 07 May 2010

Mothers Day

By Lyn Burnstine of The Lynamber Times

I’m pretty sure I always sent Mother’s Day cards and called my mother and mother-in-law each and every Mother’s Day as my kids were growing up. I didn’t always set a perfect example of filial devotion, but in that one area I did.

So, it has been surprising to me that my thoroughly adult children have forgotten to send a card or call me on a number of Mother’s Days. I fumed and mumbled to myself. “How can they forget? They only have one mother?” Normally attentive, for people who are busy beyond all reason, there’s only the one area of neglect.

After years of moping and a few tears, I figured out that they see that day as one to honor the mothers that are presently engaged in day-to-day mothering of young children at home who need that day of rest and pampering. Having made piece with that, then my offspring began to be more observant of the day.

Besides, as someone who blogs all over the internet about “choosing joy,” and prides herself on doing so in real life as well as virtual life, I must give you the other side of it as well. There have been some spectacular Mother’s Days.

My family has a propensity for clusters of birthdays going back eighty years to my sister’s, father’s and grandfather’s birthdays being three days in a row – August 31, September 1 and 2nd.

I almost popped my second daughter out on my first daughter’s birthday, but missed by a day. Later, second daughter married a man whose birthday was on first daughter's natal day, and a generation later a granddaughter arrived on that same day, leaving first daughter to sputter, "It's not bad enough that I had to share my birthday my whole life with my sister, now I have to share it with my grand-niece! Those are in July, and now April and May also are awash with family birthdays – my son, three grandsons, first great-granddaughter, and, as of 1AM this morning, my first great-grandson: our first boy after four little girls.

The miracle of this timing is that three times in my life, I’ve had (and will have) my first glimpse of a little piece of my immortality on Mother’s Day. That more than makes up for a little neglect here and there.

The icing on the cake was an amazing Mother’s Day concert and worship service that my daughter and I presented nearly twenty years ago on Mother’s Day. It was inspired by an Omega Institute mother-daughter workshop that we attended with much trepidation, having just reached a healing juncture in a long, troubled relationship.

The concert, called “Love Can Build a Bridge” could have set back our progress or moved us forward –of that we were nervously aware. But we knew that music had the power to heal, and it did! Not only did we make great strides toward the soul mate status we now rejoice in, but her then-boyfriend proposed to her afterward and I always said, for the many years they remained together, that he saw the love and said, “I want to be part of that family!”


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Lyn, I loved your line, "my first glimpse of a little piece of my immortality". Congratulations on your first great grandson.

Congratulations, Lyn, on the birth of your great Grandson; and Happy Mother's Day to you. Love the picture.

I always enjoy reading your stories.

Lyn, Congratulations! What a great way to celebrate Mother's Day . . . Grandsons are very special beings! I have four of them and one granddaughter (of course, she is pretty special too). Have a wonderful Mother's Day and thanks for your memories which brightened my day.

Congratulations on your wee piece of immortality. You are luck and very wise to realize it.

Birthdays come in bunches in my family, also. I had to forgive my daughter for planning her wedding day the day after my birthday. For a few years my day got shoved into the background.

The joy on the faces of you and your family is just wonderful to behold.

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