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Friday, 14 May 2010

Trey’s World

By Mary B Summerlin who keeps a photostream at Flickr

My nephew is a talented and successful designer and builder of homes in the Arts & Crafts Style. This day he was showing me and a few other family members his world.

First we saw his old studio and how his work was handled. I was captivated by a table he had made. He used an old saw - one his great grandfather had used on the farm. He put a heavy glass top over it and added legs. What a beautiful and unique table. That piece of furniture will be passed down through the generations, that’s for sure.

Next we went to the new building he had just bought and he explained all of his grand plans for making this into his studio, and there would even be rooms to rent out for other businesses. Oh, I’m impressed - not only does he dream but he makes them come true.

We drove by some other houses that he was building or remodeling and then, the pies de resistance – a beautiful multimillion dollar home. There had been a fire in it the last year and Trey was restoring it.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and manicured. The house is made of brick, there is a porch, of course, and columns, a big bay window and it sits on a big lot. He let us in – and there was nothing to see – it was gutted.

In Trey’s mind, he could see all the changes that were happening and even how it would look when finished. He explained all the plans and what progress had been made and I tried to see all he planned. He showed us beautiful, solid oak, sliding doors that were between the dining room and the living room. “See how quietly and smoothly they slide. Notice the doors, they have been shined and polished and now just glisten.”

Then he began to tell about the windows and the floor and what they were going to do here and there. I had trouble understanding all the work and many different processes that had to be done for the rooms to be a “thing of beauty.”

After examining the first floor, the group began going up the long stairs to examine the second floor. I decided that was physically too much for me and stated that I would wait on the porch. The porch had no furniture since nothing was finished here so I proceeded to the steps. They had wide cement slabs on the side that provided a perfect bench. I sat there completely comfortable and content examining the colorful gardens.

Shortly, two men turned into the property from the street and came toward the house. I thought that they were just some people who saw people at the house and thought perhaps it was open and they could also have a closer look at the wonderful old home. As they approached, one of the men asked me, “What are you doing?”

“Just sitting,” I said.

“Sitting doing what?” he persisted.

”Doing nothing,“ I said.

“Just nothing.” he said.

Well, I felt his aggressiveness and since I really thought it was none of his business, I answered in a bantering manner. I put my hand on my hip, straightened up, tossed my head to one side and haughtily said, “I’m just posing.”

He looked at me in disbelief and then said, “Well, why don’t you go pose somewhere else?” And he pointed toward the street.

Well – I saw and felt that something was going on here and it wasn’t play. So, I asked, “Why do you want to know?”

He promptly answered “I’m the owner.”

“Ohhh,” I said. ” I’m Trey’s aunt and he’s upstairs showing some family members the inside of the house.“

Well, now since we knew the identity of each other, we stumbled all over ourselves apologizing. It seems there had been some robberies here and he thought I might have something to do with what had happened or might happen. Can you imagine this 75-year-old lady is suspected of being a “look out” or “get away driver”? Later, upon reflection, I really enjoy this concept!

He proceeded to tell me how wonderful Trey was and how beautiful the house was going to be. I agreed with him and then he invited me back to the grand party he is planning when the restoring is finished. I assured him I’d love to come and would if at all possible.

When Trey and family returned to the porch, I asked if I’d really upset the owner. I explained that we had had a testy exchange of words before we realized who we were. Trey laughed and said the owner was embarrassed and that I was welcome to come any time I wanted.

As we finished our day in Trey’s world, my farewell comment was, “Trey, let me know when you’d like for me to come again and impress a client.

Good-natured Trey, laughed and said, “Aunt Mary, whatever you do is fine with me.”

Bay Window

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Mary, what a joy to find you here so early in the morning. I loved your story and your description of your nephew's creative process. But more than that, I loved the notion of you as a cat burglar or get-away car driver.

How funny. And how nice to hear about someone so passionate about his work as your nephew.

I really appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Trey is an amazing young man and talent--a tribute to the family. Now if you could just sneak in and get some photos of the finished project! Or will it maybe be in House Beautiful?

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