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Tuesday, 04 May 2010

Willie John Pays

By Walt Grant

My mother had an uncle back in the old country named Willie John. (This was back around 1915-1920.)

He was a tightwad. He would never spend a hapenny (1/2 penny) when a farthing (1/4 penny) would do. He was known to be a tightwad by all in the town of Donegal (way up in the northwest corner of Ireland, a rocky, hilly place).

One day a month was market day in Donegal when all the local farmers would bring their cash crops and livestock to town to sell and to trade. And one market day Willie John, a sheep farmer, brought a fine drove of sheep into town. The market was favorable and he sold them for a good price. He was very pleased. And his good fortune was known throughout the community.

At the end of the day, Willie John walked into the pub.

“When Willie John drinks, everybody drinks,” he shouted. Well, everybody had another drink, of course. And Willie John was roundly toasted for giving up his long-standing reputation as a cheapskate. Heroes are made, not born.

Willie John stood proudly at the bar and accepted the praise.

When he finished his drink, he slapped a shilling on the bar (about 25 cents in those days, but enough to pay for his shot of whisky).

“When Willie John pays, everybody pays,” he shouted and walked out of the pub.

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Ronni has asked us for cost-saving tips in her blog today. This is as good as any.


Smart man that Willie John....

His new reputation was just shot to h___.

On Ronni's blog,I just wrote that I was known as a tightwad but I was never known to be mean like Willie John. He may have been clever, but I doubt that he was very popular.

Delightful and certainly cost saving. LOL

Hi Walt,

Fun story...Got any more?

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