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Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Teacher’s Dream

By Ernest Leichter

It was the end of the school year. Life was just great.
Summer was near. The students couldn’t wait.
All their work was stacked on their desks with care.
And the hope of good grades permeated the air.

The students were busy capping their pens.
Getting ready to leave to be with their friends.
When out in the yard there arose such a clatter.
The teacher rushed out like an old mad-hatter.

What to his wandering eyes should appear.
But his eight worst students coming so near.
“Now Sheri! Now Derek! Now Jason! Now Craig!
Oh Karen! Oh Janet! Oh Kevin! Oh Greg!

Why are you sitting there on the wall.
Home with you. Home with you. Home with you, all.”
“We are here with a gift not found in a store.
So lean on the building or hold onto the door.

We will now show you how smart we can be.
We mastered all subjects. Just you wait and see.
A knowledge of geography is really a must.
Lithosphere is the earth at its very crust.

Illegal we know is a very funny word
It means against the law, not a real sick bird.
The walrus and the carpenter know many things.
Why the sea is boiling hot and why pigs have wings.

Four is the number with one easy square root.
To change decimals to percent is simple to compute.
Parts of speech like the verbs: run, jump, twinkle and go.
We can identify easily, just like an old pro.

We can spell words correctly without hesitation.
So good we’ve become, we deserve an ovation.
What do you think teacher? Do we all get an A?
Do we all make the honor roll? What do you say?”

“How did you learn the answers so quick?
Are you really smart or playing a trick?”

“This is really no trick. We are all very bright
We have grown in knowledge as well as in height.
You planted in our minds the seeds of knowledge.
And given us motivation to get into college.

We owe to you a big debt of gratitude
Only you could have changed our attitude.”
The teacher then heard a rap on the door.
He woke from his dream. Everything was as before.

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I loved this poem. Perfect students are a dream but the imperfect ones are more interesting.

Wonderful poem,Ernest. Your perfect meter and rhyme swept me along with the story you were telling.

I love it. Never had a dream like that in all my years of teaching.

I enjoyed it - the rhythm the dream and the impossibility of it.

Hi Ernie,
Very enjoyable. You've captured a meaningful dream in rhyme. And like Mary wrote (above) the impossibility of it.

How about going from a decimal to a fraction? :-)

loved this, as a former teacher, it rang so true, always the worst ones return to see you!

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