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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

T-Shirt Testimony

By Jerry Rasmussen who blogs at Thoughts on Faith

Summer is t-shirt weather for me and many of my shirts have a logo or saying on them. Most of them generate a comment every now and then, but none can match my Boston Red Sox shirt.

Last summer, there was a crew working on the street down the corner from our house. They were tearing up the street a few lots at a time, laying in a new water line.

As irritations go, this one was not much to get wound up about. Every once in awhile, I’d have to drive around the block to go somewhere because the street was blocked off and occasionally they’d shut off the water, but other than it was no real bother. When I saw that they were nearing the end of the street, I walked over to a couple of the guys working down in the trench.

“How you coming along down there?” I asked.

“We’re doing fine. We should finish up tomorrow,” one of the men answered.

And then he noticed that I was wearing my Red Sox t-shirt. “You a Red Sox fan?” he asked.

Yeah, why?” I answered, in a friendly tone of voice. I was used to people giving me a hard time whenever I wore my Red Sox t-shirt. Our town is less than a hundred miles from New York City, so Yankees fans outnumber Red Sox fans about fifty to one.

“You see that truck over there? The guy sitting in the truck is a big Red Sox fan. Go over and show him your t-shirt. He’ll really like it.”

I walked over to the truck and when I came around to the other side, I saw this big burly guy almost spilling out of the cab, one arm heavily draped over the open window sill.

“The Yankees suck!” I yelled, with a big grin on my face.

And then I realized that I’d been set up. The guy was a big Yankees fan. At first he scowled menacingly at me, and then we both burst out laughing. By then, the two guys had climbed out of the ditch and appeared around the back of the truck, doubled over with laughter.

“Thanks a lot, guys! I coulda had my head knocked off!”

“We just wanted to see if we could get him out of that truck. He’s been sitting in there all day!”

And we all laughed.

“You don’t like my Red Sox t-shirt?” I asked. “Hey, tomorrow I’ll wear my Yankees t-shirt if that’ll make you happy. Or if you’d like, I can wear my Cleveland Indians t-shirt with my Chicago Cubs cap, or my Pittsburgh Pirates shirt and cap. I can even wear my Yankees t-shirt with my Red Sox cap.”

By then, we were all having a big laugh. That was reason enough to make me happy that I’d worn the t-shirt.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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Jerry - Great story!

For my entire life, I have been an enthusiastic Red Sox fan. In fact, I took them so seriously that I was embarrassed to wear Red Sox hats and/or tee shirts. My first Sox recollection was the final three game Yankee series at Fenway (ca 1949). The Red Sox had to win only one game to clinch the AL Pennant and go to the World Series. They lost all three!

However, for the past six years I have worn Red Sox hats proudly! - Sandy

Hey, Sandy: I'm Glad you came out of the closet. I've been a Pittsburgh Pirate fan since the '50's, and I've proudly worn my cap and shirt through the great years (I was in New York City when the Pirates beet the Yankees for the World Series title. I get a lot of flak for my Red Sox shirt and cap, even with people threatening not to wait on me. Yesterday I saw a woman wearing a dark blue shirt with Red Sox on it, but I couldn't read the rest of the writing. I asked her to turn around and it said" There is no curse, the Red Sox just suck!" I got a big laugh out of that.

The rest of the story is on my blog and revolves around the reaction I get (normally none) when I wear my Jesus T-shirt. I haven't been able to find an official Jesus cap, though.

I love t-shirt with logos or sayings on them. One of the reasons is that often they start a conversation &/or an adventure.
Thanks for the great story.

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