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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A New Old Me

By Ms. Sue Dough Nym

Whoa!! What the heck happened?

Two years ago I had a husband, kids and grandkids. And also I had step-children and their kids.

Fast forward. I am now a widow, my youngest son is handicapped, bipolar, diabetic, and an amputee. He is waiting endlessly for SSI, his third try. My other two kids want no part of his problems and apparently no part of me anymore. It might be contagious if I can no longer help him.

Well, I am still here, dating a widower, dancing and playing bridge. Actually, I am having a lot of fun. Who knew? It is almost like I walked out of my old skin and into a new one - at 77 no less! And, shhh, top secret here - I am having the best bedroom romp of my life!

I went to his doctor with him, at his request. During the visit, the subject of the little blue pill came up. With a twinkle in his eye, the good doctor said, "Tell you what I want you to do, kids."

He told us to visit a place called the X-Mart, near the interstate, where they have lotions called Joy and Hot Pink or something like that. And there is a back room where there are all kinds of things I have never seen before. And being sent there by your doctor, well I guess that makes it really okay. What a crazy world!

Also, now my step-children are treating me so kindly, just like their best friend. If I need something they come, and they really do not have a lot of material things, just a lot of good heart. And, in November, I will become a great grandmother - best of all without having a baby myself - courtesy of one of their children.

Prayers seem to be answered, not always in the way we think, but surprises still can occur, even in the "golden years." Nothing will amaze me anymore, I will just go with the flow and hope this river continues around the bend as gently as possible.

Oh, and I have even changed my name for security reasons. Anthropologists might want to examine me.

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Congratulations on your courage and your spirit--your joie de vivre. Life is full of surprises.

Lucky you to have found a second, and possibly happier, life

I'm 75 and just celebrated my 12th anniversary with my wonderful, second wife. Having good health and being very active mentally and physically makes life very rich and full, but it's my faith that is at the heart of it all, a faith I share with my wife. A curious mind and a sense of never-ending adventure is important, too. Most of all, life is a gift.

Thanks for sharing your story - it is wonderful to hear that you are enjoying life so much at 75. As Jerry says, life is ever an adventure and a gift.

and I agree with you and all...to live is holy - to be a blessing...keep on being!!!!

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