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Tuesday, 07 September 2010

God's Love and Math

By P.J. Davis

My six-year-old grandson was happy and excited to be in first grade. He was especially interested in math.

The day after his baby sister was born and his mother and sibling were expected home from the hospital, he came to me visibly distraught with watery eyes. I drew him close to me as he climbed up into my lap in the old family rocker. I held him for a moment, knowing he needed to be comforted and reassured, then I asked, "Allan, what's the matter?"

He replied, "Grandma, my new baby sister is coming home and I will have to share Mommy and Daddy's love with her and I don't want to give up any of their love!"

I smiled down at his precious little face and troubled eyes. I cuddled him even more with a kiss on his forehead and then I explained: "Allan, honey, you won't have to give up any of Mommy and Daddy's love. God doesn't work it that way. Because, you see, every new person God puts into our lives comes with a new supply of love. Just remember that love is never divided, it is always multiplied!"

As young as he was, I hoped my explanation would make sense and evidently it clicked in his mathematical mind because a few seconds later he looked up at me, breaking a smile, his eyes all-knowing, and said, "Ohhh, I understand now. I love you, Grandma."

And off he ran, watching down the driveway for the arrival of his newly expanded family.

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This was such a sweet story.

Allan is so lucky to have a Grandma who took the time to help him through what could have been a very unhappy time in his life.

Good for you, Grandma...

A beautiful story of Grandma communicating with Grandson. A special moment - a touch of love. Thank you.

Delightful and charming. Thank you. What a good explanation of limitless love.

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