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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Revivalist Rant

By D. Sugar

Why do literati
Scorn rhyme writing style?

Despite a cogent message
It’s viewed as juvenile.

Does poetry remind us
That once young and abstruse

We were fed and read info
Via Mother Goose?

Now Mary and her little lamb
HumptyDumpty, Jack & Jill

May have been simplistic
But for kids they filled the bill.

With that kiddie mode before us
We tend to label trite

Anything euphonious,
An elitist oversight.

The bottom line has got to be
A renaissance of rhyme

And with everything old, new again
Now could be the time!

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I agree! I love those two old times wasters, meter and rhyme.

So much of the "Modern" poetry that we were told to read in school sounded as if it had been written in crayon in a rubber room. You were compelled to read it over and over to almost begin to understand it and even then, no two people agreed on just what is was that the author was trying to say.

Call me simplistic but I would much rather read "Annabelle Lee" than "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock".

Now that I tell myself what poetry to read, I choose Poe or Tennyson over Thomas or Eliot...

I enjoyed the meter, the rhyme and the cleverness of it. Thanks.

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