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Wednesday, 06 October 2010

The Bad, Good Old Days

By D. Sugar

Hi there, would ya believe that I always feel guilty? Because I'm always confused? Because I don't understand things? As I see it, in my life everybody's a confuser - and I'm the confusee!

Nothing makes sense to me. Like f'rinstance, my mom telling me to always wear clean undies - in case, God forbid, I get hit by a car, or better still? get raped! So, she reasoned, "We shouldn't be embarrassed!!!”

Why can't we go back to the way things were years ago? They had some really cool things then, f'rinstance, camps for grown-ups; remember CCC? And lots of outdoor socializing? I think they were called bread lines. There was even directed activities for convicts; they called them chain gangs.

And there was no population explosion then. Women and babies died in childbirth, and the men on Wall Street jumped out of office buildings.

They never even had a graffiti problem; who knew how to write? Togetherness, that's what they had – togetherness; no sweatsuits, sweat shops! Bathtubs in kitchens; toilets in halls. Everybody could get in on the action!

Why they even had communal dieting! I think they called it P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. Those were the days all right.

"Now" confuses me. I still can't even work revolving doors! Can you picture me with virtual reality? Artificial Intelligence? Oy!

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Oh m'God you're funny! And you write so well. - Sandy

Nostalgia is selective thinking. You made me laugh so hard remembering how it REALLY was instead of the idyllic picture in people's minds. I wouldn't live those days over for anything.

Imagine, no computer. Oy , indeed!

What funny remembrances of the good old times.

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