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Wednesday, 05 January 2011


By Mary B Summerlin who keeps a photostream at Flickr

Recently, I heard Pete Seeger sing and speak. He was telling about the times that he goes to the elementary school classroom. He said that he always goes in and immediately says, “Hi Cousins,” and then there is a big discussion.

The children say, “I don’t know you – how can you be my cousin – my last name is not the same as yours – on and on.”

Then he explains slowly and patiently that if we go back and back and back in time we will find that we are all cousins. Isn’t that wonderful, we are all kinfolks.

My flowers and weeds, they’re cousins
Nobody told them that they were cousins
That they were kinfolks way way back.
So, they try to ignore each other.

Flower says she’s the best
And weed is the worst.
Weed is convinced that
He belongs everywhere.

Somewhere sometime
People started judging

We like you.
You’re a flower
You’ll go in the flower bed
And we’ll take good care of you.

And then they said to the others,
We don’t like you.
We’ll not help you one little bit.
We’ll do all we can to try to get rid of you.

And we’ll call these Flowers and smile on them
And we’ll call these Weeds and frown on them.

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Very good metaphors in your post!! -- barbara

So beautifully put - and with grace and economy.

Liked it...as a city girl, I admired various "growings" and the country boy I married told me they were Weeds..I'm glad I paid absolutely no attention..if I liked them, I thought of them as flowers, plants, whatever..

Your metaphor says so much that the world needs to remember. Thank you, Mary.

Mary, I love wildflowers, too, and am distressed when people get rid of them and put in plain old lawns--not as sweet to the eyes, and certainly not good for the environment, either.

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