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Friday, 07 January 2011

That Dog Still Hunts

By Marcia Mayo who blogs at Well Aged With Some Marbling

This last month has been an exciting one for me. First of all, I was kissed by a gay man in drag a few weeks ago and then, just this past weekend, I was told by a non-gay man that I was “well preserved.”

I’d never been told that I was well preserved before mainly because when I became the age to be considered so, to put it bluntly, I wasn’t. I have that redheaded skin that was never supposed to see the light of a sunny day, but nobody told me or, more likely, I didn't listen.

I'm happy to have had some recent masculine attention, I guess, but it doesn't thrill me like it would have when I was younger. I know it’s going to come as a sad shock to my legions of male admirers, but I’ve got to confess that I’m just not all that interested in the romantic arts any more, now that my hormones have dried up like a corsage in a spinster's hope chest.

Come to think of it, most men my age - the ones I know, at least - aren’t all that interested in sex either despite their big talk. They’re more concerned with their bowels than their genitals and the only breathing things they’re sleeping with are their CPAP machines.

It’s all a relief really. I can go to bed by myself without having to hold my stomach in while I sleep. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about my breath or what kind of noises I may or may not be making in the middle of the night.

The only thing I sometimes miss is a big old hug preferably from a good looking man. I like hugs from my grandkids but as sweet as they are, they just don't pack the same kind of punch as when a burly man wraps his arms around you and squeezes.

I've taken to requesting a hug, now and then, when I find a likely victim and so far, it's worked out well. The police haven't been called one single time.

Okay, I know I’m going to be hearing from all the Sexy Grandmas out there and the people for whom sex just keeps getting better and better. All I’m saying is what I know about myself.

Sometimes I do think I’d like to “do it” one last time before I die, but when I consider all the trouble I'd have to go to, what with driving to Target for new underwear and then pretending to be interested in that last pass thrown in the fourth quarter of the championship game in 1967, it just isn’t worth it.

Plus, I’m pretty sure none of the men I know would be willing to put up with me for long enough to move the cat off the bed, much less to get my lumpy, wrinkled self out of my flannel nightgown.

I do have friends who are still sexually active, if that's what you would call it. Most of them are with the same man they married 30, 40 or 50 years ago so I guess they've got the process pretty well in place after all of that time. But I'm not sure it's all that active.

I think it's more like, "turn off the TV when you're done and don't wake me up, for heaven's sake." If any of the people my age I know are having monkey sex on the kitchen table with their husbands, they've been nice enough to keep it to themselves.

I also know a couple of older women who are still dating. One, who is a lovely 70, has dated the same man for about 10 years. She says he’s kind of cantankerous but he’s rich. Since I’ve known her, he’s taken her to his summer home in France, his summer home in Thailand and now he has a summer home in Panama (and I don’t mean that vacation city in Florida).

However, because he’s 80 and has had a stroke, the love relations are somewhat problematic. She's described the pump he purchased for big bucks at Emory Hospital and how his nubbin looks like a rat in a bottle when he’s pumping it up, and how he has to put a rubber band around it to keep it alert afterward.

With that information, I've come to the conclusion that I can live without a summer home in Panama.

I have another friend who has continued to date men who often can’t quite rise to the occasion even though they manage to look surprised each time and to make it seem like her fault.

She was excited last week, however, when an old beau called. And that's because, in her words, “that dog still hunts.” It took a few minutes for those of us who were listening to her story to realize the pointer she was referring to wasn't canine.

When I recovered enough to ask her the last time she'd seen that "dog" actually "hunt," she said it had been about three years. The bad news is that, as we all know, one dog year is worth seven human years, so I'm not all that optimistic as to my friend's chances for a successful kill any time during this particular hunting season.

Back to my new boyfriend, the one who had the good taste to realize just how well preserved I am. He seemed to be quite a catch and I know this because, before he offered me his well considered compliment, he'd talked about himself non-stop for almost 45 minutes about his many accomplishments including all the women who had wanted him.

I could also tell he had a good appetite since, all the time he was pointing out his impressive history and many attributes, he was stuffing appetizers into the part of his mouth that wasn't doing all the bragging. And then there was his wife, who just so happened to be talking to someone just over his shoulder, seemingly quite happy to have the ass bend someone else's ear for a while.

And so, instead of spending my time trying to find Mr. Wonderful at this point in my life, I think I'll continue to pursue a simple hug every once in a while, preferably from someone young and hunky. After all, I don't want to cause a heart attack.

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Love it! (especially the young and hunky part!)

Oh. My. God! Are you reading my mind? When my husband died, 3 1/2 years ago, we had been mostly "inactive" for a couple of years before that. For a long while, I didn't meet anyone worth getting all sweaty over...and I put on 50 lbs in the first year of widowhood. When I did look into a pair of baby blue eyes and feel the cockles of my heart warming (much to my dismay), they were looking at me from a face well over 20 years younger than I. I have decided that ALL physical relationships are best left in the realm of fantasy, and that the next person to see me naked will be the undertaker! LOL!

I like the "hug" thing, but I do miss having my neck nibbled...

O.M.G. indeed - very funny. Thanks for sharing!

Love it! Your sense of humor and telling it like it is makes this funny, delightful and honest. What a combination.

Marcia this is laugh out loud funny. Great job!

"... like a rat in a bottle." Ha! I laughed 'til I cried. Just wonderful!

You could do stand up and I am not referring to any sexual positions, just laugh out loud funny..like roller-blading and bikini wearing, somethings are better off done by others..haven't enjoyed anything I've read like this in ages...keep it up, so to speak..

Oh so funny but often true. Maybe you should get a pet, like a bear or monkey, I think they both like to hug.

What a hoot!!! You echoed my sentiments exactly.

Sitting here and laughing out loud.
How fun!

Hilarious!!!!! Love it!!!

What a fantastic story! You have a beautiful writing style and a wicked sense of humor. Thanks!

When I went to a new doctor recently I had to fill out that long questionaire they give you.

Question #37 (After all the crap about what my Grandmothers's Brother died of)was...


After thinking that over for a few minutes I wrote down.
"No, I usually just lay there."

Your essay was terrific, funny,well written and true....

I rarely laugh out loud when I'm alone, but when reading this, I was glad I wasn't drinking anything--for sure I would have had it spurt out my nose! SO FUNNY! and can I ever identify! I get a lot of hugs from hunky young men friends and relatives and I love it. That and an occasional "twinkle" (rarer and rarer, though)from an attractive older man is quite enough, thank you!

I read this again, Marcia having snorfled through it on your blog the first time around. You are one funny BROAD.
(In the nicest sense of the word!)

A loved the line "My hormonees have dried up like a corsage in a spinster's hope chest. I have to say I am one of the lucky ones to still be in love with the man I fell in love with.

What nightgown? I wear pajamas.

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