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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Comparison of a Royal Wedding and a Commoner's

By William Weatherstone of The Diesel Gypsy

In the last while, I/we have been bombarded with news, comments, speculation on fashion as well as a truckload of other repetitious subjects on the royal wedding which just took place in Great Britain.

I will attempt to compare my/our wedding to that of the royals.

First, I have initials the same as the party being compared. We both are first named William. Our second names both start with the letter “W.” In my case it is Weatherstone and the royal’s last name is Windsor (or Mountbatten-Windsor, whichever the William desires. In my case, I have no choice.

I don’t suppose that I once lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada would count for anything.

But the first comparisons, we both have the same initials “WW.” I guess that is where the equality ends.

William and Kate had worldwide coverage about their plans, where as only a half dozen people knew of William and Muriel’s plans.

William and Kate had a tumultuous staff to set up their chosen wardrobe for them. William and Muriel had to root through the closet to see if there was anything suitable for such an occasion.

I understand that William and Kate had been living together in Wales (his job site) so there is comparison. We had been living together first as well. Where William and Kate had the use of a private farm for a residence, we had two rooms over a 100-year-old hardware store in Toronto’s east end that the insurance company would not insure because of the risk of fire and/or possible explosion.

At their wedding, William and Kate had an army of escorts and staff to dress and guide them in full costume to the church (the big one). At the same time, jets and military pageantry and security surrounded their route.

In our case, we all met at my mother’s cottage in northern Ontario, the temperature was in the low 90s (July 10th half a century ago) and we gathered in shorts and T-shirts or no shirts (ladies exempt, ha-ha).

We sat around a tub of ice and beer drinking to save us from heat exhaustion when someone yelled, “It’s time, we might be late, let’s go.”

Everyone shot into the cottage, changed clothes (old blazer for me, new summer dress for Muriel). Two cars and a pickup truck took off for the Indian reservation church. (Church on the Rocks – true.)

Unlike the entourage getting into William and Kate’s wedding, our preacher was standing and waiting for us (also wanting to get the duty done so as to get back to cooling off from the heat wave.)

William and Kate, after the ceremony, posed for a photo shoot by a group of worldwide professional photographers.

We, on the other hand, had grabbed a few shots with an old Kodak Brownie camera. Then all piled into the vehicles and took off back to the cottage. The deed was finally legalized.

While we made it back to our point of origin, William and Kate had to endure protocol, entertaining more than a billion viewers.

We were racing each other back to the cottage to undress and return to sanity (short pants and T-shirts) with the beer tubs still full of ice and waiting to be consumed. There were no outside viewers that we were aware of other than a moose, bear or a loon calling from across the lake.

5 William and Kate had hundreds of staff to give them the best of the best reception party.

We just had a beer and barbeque with a total of eight guests. I can only assume that our wedding cost at least a few dollars less than the royals. But we had more fun, and you can carve that in stone.

AFTERTHOUGHT: We were married on an Indian reservation and will finish our lives on an Indian reservation. The local reservation here has the only crematory in our part of the territory.

NOTE: I have left instructions to be tied to a post and shot with flaming arrows for my cremation (I’m the pioneer bushman type). If you believe that you are in trouble. Really, they do have our reservations - to finalize our existence on a reservation. No pun intended.

PS: I hope your wedding was as royal as ours. By the way, our honeymoon was a 2500 mile trip in a Mack truck with no sleeper cab. (Beat that one, if you can.)

William & Muriel Weatherstone, 47 years later.

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Wonderful story and congratulations on 47 years! I'm 61 and two days ago I married the love of my life! I'm hoping for 47 years myself:)

Wow. Married 2 days and back to blogging. That's like WW's back
to short pants and beer.
Congratulations to all.

William - This was great!

If the marriage of William and Kate is as successful as the marriage of William and Muriel, England will thrive! - Sandy

Lovely story.

I also lived in Windsor, Ontario and was married there 57 years ago. Perhaps our paths crossed, as it was a small town back then.

Very nice story. Our 50th is coming up in a couple of months, so we're trying extra hard to stick around for the celebration. I'm leaning toward a couple of tubs filled with beer and ice after enjoying your tale.

I enjoyed reading the story of your wedding day, William.

I also enjoyed the wedding festivities of William and Kate. I thought they were a lovely couple and wish them the same long and happy marriage that you and Muriel had.

I hope you saved some of those pictures from your Brownie. They must be priceless as was your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Your wedding sounds like so much more fun--after all, William and Kate were working: Everything they do publicly
is part of their job--how awful!

William, what a great wedding story. Yours sounds like much more fun than that royal one.

William, this was wonderful. Thanks you for taking us with you back to that joyous day. I read it with a big smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

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