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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Twice Pink Kitchen

By Susan Gulliford of Hillsborough NJ Journal

When I was quite young, maybe around six or seven years old, my mother painted the kitchen in our late 1940's Cape Cod glossy pink. A bright clear happy pink, not Pepto-Bismol pink or girl-baby-room pink.

The remainder of the house was more - hmm, I don't want to say dull - more neutral. Why this pink was chosen for the kitchen, I don't know.

Well, anyway, it was a big job that took days. None of today's "dries in an hour."

A day or so after the paint job was complete and the kitchen re-assembled, my high-school-age brother was sitting on a stool in the kitchen with an open bottle of Coke. He put his thumb over the bottle top and shook it. He took his thumb off the top and jet-propelled Coca Cola erupted all over the kitchen – ceiling to floor.


There was shocked silence. I don't even remember any yelling. Maybe my parents couldn't comprehend having a child in high school who would do such a stupid thing.

I do remember the entire sticky kitchen was cleaned and repainted the same color pink. I think my brother was the painter.

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Susan - Your mother obviously was ahead of her time.

Now, streets are teeming with kids clad in pink tees, sweats, and more, imprinted with "I love pink"! - Sandy

Great imagery, I held my breath and saw the spots...yikes..a pink kitchen, bet it was nice...I see lots of young people and men wearing pink too in nyc, Sandy, I like that...My Father, a bus driver in uniform had a pink dress shirt that he wore a lot to union meetings, days off, etc..nice to think all these years later, he was ahead of his time...let's start the movement "Pink ain't just for girls anymore." Write more...thanks...

I loved this story about pink paint and parenting.

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