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Monday, 06 June 2011

An Elder Storytelling Announcement

By Ronni Bennett

Checking on the history of this community blog, I was surprised to see that 1082 stories have been published here since it began in April 2007.

If you randomly read through these – using the date or storytelling menus on the lower right sidebar – you see that it is a fascinating collection of personal observations collectively revealing some of the zeitgeist and sensibilities of the generation that grew up mostly during the late Great Depression and post-World War II era.

Some regular contributors have been writing for ESP for years. Others sent us two or three stories and disappeared. Another group provides a steady flow of four or five stories a year. New writers appear fairly regularly.

With nothing more than the invitation posted at the bottom off each story, submissions keep coming. Sometimes there are enough that a backlog of three or four weeks' worth accumulates. Other times, like now, it slows to a trickle.

I greatly enjoy reading and posting a new story each of five days a week, but lately there are not enough. This is to let you know that for the time being, some days there may not be a post at The Elder Storytelling Place.

So until the incoming flow increases, I will publish the stories I've received in the early part of the week. For RSS and email subscribers, this means you will not receive an email on empty-story days and for Time Goes By readers/subscribers, there will not be a link to ESP at the bottom of those posts until the next story is posted.

Because I prepare the stories for posting over weekends for the coming week and set them to publish each day automatically, if you are a contributor and have sent a story, for example, on Monday or Tuesday and you see an empty ESP page on Friday and wonder why your story isn't there – it just means that your story will be published the following week. I haven't ignored it; it's just a scheduling issue.

Hosting this site is one of my favorite things I have ever done on the internet including the 10 years I worked as a professional website editor and producer.

Although there have been a handful of professional writers, most contributors are not, yet the stories are remarkably well written – often better than what paid writers turn out at respected newspapers and websites. (I sometimes wonder if that has anything to do with the more thorough education we received in grammar and high school than kids have received in recent decades.)

So don't go thinking, if there is no new story on a given day, that The Elder Storytelling Place has shut down. It will be here for as long as I am functional and elder writers keep sending in their tales.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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This blog and As Time Goes By have become such treasured parts of my life, that it thrills me to hear you confirm its ongoing promise. I am grooming my Silver Pens writing group of elderly ladies like myself to submit more. Some already have and I'll nudge them to do more. Thank you sincerely, Ronni.

Thank you ,Ronni, for letting us know that our stories will still have a place to be read and enjoyed.

After reading Time Goes By every morning I immediately turn to the Elder Storytelling Place for the fun of reading the wonderful stories that your readers send in.

I am happy that this will continue and, as Lyn said,we should encourage our friends to send in their stories,too.

Ditto on the above, glad to have confirmation that we are all on the case, so to speak...I would certainly miss reading everyone everyday..I have stories floating around in my head, guess it is time to do the big transfer from head to paper...Thanks, Ronni, you are a "trooper," for want of a more all encompassing word to express awe and thanks...

I always, always enjoy the stories and will enjoy them whenever you have one to publish.
Thank you Ronni, for sharing other's stories with all of us.

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