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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Manuel and Lily

By Steve Kemp

Manuel spotted Lily way up ahead there in the line. Today, she would be his. He kept watching her.

Finally she noticed. And she didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She turned back around to her man, who was lost in thought, patting her shoulder absently, oblivious to her discomfort.

Manuel kept his eyes pinned on her as the line inched forward. The woman he was with noticed him staring and looked over at Lily. She was very attractive.

Suddenly Manual made his move, pulling away, racing toward Lily. Lily swiftly made for the doorway. But Manuel cut her off and stood there, blocking the way.

She cried in dismay, and he was ready to close upon her when the attendant stepped between them.

“All right, what’s this uproar?” the attendant wanted to know. “Who started it? The Pekinese?”

Someone laughed, “Yeah, he has designs on that big red tabby.”

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A delightful short, short story.

Hey, Ive seen that scene before, just different characters...loved every word thanks for the visuals...


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