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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


By Steve Kemp

She was smitten by his eyes, his face, his body, his smell, his voice, his demeanor. He was dapper, suave and charming. He sounded European.

He was hungry for her, just as he was for any beautiful young girl.

The moon floated gently, romantically through the sky and he knew she was enchanted. He could see it in the gentle glow behind those pale eyes.

But he was not at all taken with her except for his incessant hunger. His plan was the usual: he would dazzle her with his savoir faire, manage to get behind her, and starting soothing her with his voice in practiced, deep, masculine murmurings.

He reached to clasp one hand at her shoulder and brushed the nape of her neck, then stroked her cheek and felt her respond under his touch. He gazed hungrily as her perfect skin flushed and pinkened before his eyes.

Her breath quickened, he heard her make a little moan. Now, he thought, a little dinner and some wine and she would be his.

He gently pulled her close to him and murmured, “Would you care for a bite or a little drink before we turn in, my sweetheart?” He gazed deeply into her eyes.

She was hungry for him too and pressed her head close to him. He felt her hot breath on his neck as she murmured, “Why not both?” and sank her fangs into his jugular.

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Wow! I wonder if they're both vampires?

Sounds like they are now...

Nice twist, Steve. Have you, BTW, read "The Historian?"

Ouch! I didn't see that coming.

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