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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What if God -

By Vicki E. Jones

[After reading about still another youth being gunned down last weekend.]

What if God walked the Earth as a bee
Buzzing around You and me?
Would you swat at Him?
Would you shoo Him away?
Would you spray Him with wasp and hornet spray?
What if God walked the Earth as a bee?

What if God walked the Earth as a spider
Climbing your wall higher and higher?
Would you knock Him down?
Would you snuff Him out?
Would you brush Him off?
Would you scream and shout?
What if God walked the Earth as a spider?

What if God walked the Earth as a hawk
Soaring above the trees and sidewalks?
Would you shoot Him down?
Would you make Him fall?
Would you nail Him up on your trophy wall?
What if God walked the Earth as a hawk?

Respect for life. That’s what we need!
For every creature - bird or bee!
Respect for you. Respect for me.
Respect for life. That’s what we need!

So - What if God walked the Earth as a bee?

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I just love this, how insightful. Because, of course
he is in the bee, if he is in you and me. I see, thanks to you, Vicki.

How often, probably once a week sometimes, New Yorkers read about young guys, mostly, killed or killing each other on the streets...happens so often it isn't as awful after a while..It is rarely even over something, like a girl or a beef or the ever present disrespect of the streets. I had a job for l5 years where I saw people, mostly males, after they had been in prison.Mostly not for killing anyone, but sometimes they had. The stories never ran into each other because when you are personal up close, knee to knee in an office, the words were the same, the sad facts sort of the same, but the individual telling the story was always a different person. I was 40 then with 3 teenagers at home, a girl and two boys...we lived in an iffy area, where people did get shot and killed, not every day, but often enough that it was a reality. Growing up young guys on our street and nearby were killed..always senseless, always a waste of their lives and the shooters.
As I read your piece, I was thinking you were putting Jesus on the street somehow and he would have the power to step right in & calm the scene. My sons are grown men now, but everyday I see the woman across the street from me come out and pick up her paper as I pick up mine and we always just smile & nod. Her son, lovely Norman, little older than my boys was killed on a New Year's eve night right across the street from her house, pretty close to my driveway, by person unknown. I never look at her that that isn't my first thought. Last week I went to North Carolina for the hs graduation of my son's oldest boy, his big sister graduated college in May..on the bus home I was making notes about the days there & how wonderful it is to watch your family grow and have these great occasions to celebrate, 3 more grandsons to go to hs, to college, to life..Please God let that be the truth..how much I hate their living so far away, but when they come visit me, I guard them like we were in a war zone..My son & I talked about Mrs. Mc Clain, Norman's mom & I said she is always rushing off someplace and looks ok. That's all we said.

I truly wish that I did have a hot line to a higher power, so that all would be peaceful out on the streets. But I have to settle for just hoping to point out that we all need to respect and value life - each other, and all other forms of life.

I am so sorry about what happened to your neighbor.

We should never kill anything, for who is to know how it feels. We must learn to respect as you say. A powerful poem, thanks.

You are most welcome. Thank you for the feedback! -Vicki


I am late reading your poem because I was at my Grandson's graduation and when I did get a chance to read it, it made me realize just how fortunate we are to live in a place where things like this seldom happen.

I also enjoyed reading Mary's comment about her family and her neighbor. I felt so sorry for the neighbor and at the same time I was thanking God that Mary and her family were still happily going about their lives.

Also, I want to extend a happy greeting to Claire Jean. Hello!

Your poem was so expressive and sincere,Vicki. I admire you for writing it.

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