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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Floor and Ceiling People

By Joanne Zimmermann

Reading from my friend’s story about the Wall People made me realize that I have Floor and Ceiling People!! I guess we all have them; I just don’t like them.

They put limits on my creative thinking and I hate that. Most artists and engineers would probably agree. How can we be expansive thinkers and the “sky is the limit” in our approach to new ideas with limitations placed on this process?

What if we had a dream to mine below current thinking to search for veins of new wisdom? We would quickly be thwarted by the “Floor Boards.”

For example, I wanted to do an art project for my church counseling center to raise awareness and also money. I love analogies. I call it, “Mosaics of the Mind.” It reminds us that we are all bits and pieces of our heredity, environment and some other parts thrown in from some junkyard in outer space, I guess.

So, it would be perfectly normal for some of those pieces or parts to fall out or need replacement from time to time. In light of this, it would not be a sign of moral failure to seek help when faced with difficulties. Quite the opposite, it would be a badge of courage. Go for some counseling and get some new pieces, new outlooks and refreshed thinking. It should not be a scary thing.

As we sit around and make little mosaics reflecting our inner selves, like a quilting bee, we could talk with one another about our lives and share some of our collective wisdom. It could even spread to sister churches to make a “grand mosaic,” said my mind, taking off for higher destinations!!

But my friend keeps asking dumb questions like, “Why?”

I tried to explain that we would have someone to talk to, like in the good old days.

“Well then,” he said, completely clapping the Ceiling Police down on my idea,

“Why would they need to go to the counseling center?”

Voila! Why indeed?

I think I will make an appointment.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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I love your concept. It is true that sometimes therapists are just "paid friends," and some of us have managed to swim most of the rapids of life with the help of amazingly insightful friends to talk to. (I'd be the first to suggest professional counseling, if needed, though.)

Joanne - HELP! STOP!

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I want to be by myself, alone. Even if it's just for a couple of minutes! - Sandy

Awwww, ok, Sandy, you have my permission but I am only in charge of ceiling and floor, the rest are basking in their wealth.

"WHY" is a perfectly valid question. Especially when talking to someone inferior in intelligence arena. Good story.

I like to feel I am strong enough to buffet any storm, but when in need, a friend or counselor who wouldn't put me or my ideas down would certainly be recommended.

Part of why I enjoy this group so much is: NO ONE IS WISHY WASHY! I believe most of us are from the generation of: stop bellyaching, think of the "poor" people in (insert your Mom's favorite group,), etc..Sadly speaking for myself, there were times that I would have been better served if I had accepted professional help, I survived, but would have had less stress and caused less stress to my nearest and dearest if I had. The "I can handle this" attitude can be a minefield and I have come to realize that those who rely on professional help, rather than a bartender or a friend, etc. are often stronger than I ever was. A wonderful woman who kept me in college as a Mother of 3 used to chide me constantly about not being able to accept help and used to infuriate me when she said, "Mary, dear, needing help is not a character flaw, it is inevitable in life sometimes." She is gone now and saw me get through those years in god knows what fashion from her vantage point..I never used her advice to me, but often try to intercede with folks when I feel like they have my "character flaw" disease..hey kiddo, ya live and learn, that's the quote from my bartender type pals...no advice, just a friendly ear/shoulder, nod to years of good life experiences..

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