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Monday, 25 July 2011

The Perfect Wish (Another Children’s Story)

By Johna Ferguson

Mi Ling says to Li Ling, “Winter must be coming. The water is colder. The nights are longer.”

Li Ling says, “Yes I can feel the cold. We must find a deeper and warmer place to stay.”

They look under rocks for a good place. Finally they find one. It is at the bottom end of the big pond they call home. As winter gets near, they eat a lot of food. They want to take it easy in the cold winter.

Then spring comes. The sun peeks out from the clouds. It warms the water. The two little goldfish swim up. Mi Ling says, “I can feel the sun. The water is warmer.”

“I am hungry,” Li Ling says, “We must find something to eat.”

They swim and swim. They are happy to be swimming around again.

One day they look up and see a little girl. She is sitting on a rock above them. She is crying. Mi Ling says, “Let’s try to talk to her.”

Li Ling says, “How do we talk?”

They think and think. Mi Ling says, “Let’s splash our tails. Maybe she will see us.”

They splash their tails so fast. They splash them over and over.

Finally the girl looks into the water. She sees the two goldfish. Mi Ling is a beautiful bright orange color. She has a big, frilly tail. Li Ling is black as night. He has large bug-eyes.

“Let’s dance around under the water. Let’s make the girl smile.” Mi Ling says.

Finally the girl smiles at them. She puts her small hand into the pond. They swim up to it. They rub their bodies against it.

The little girl is sad. Her cat ran away. She misses him, but the two beautiful goldfish make her smile.

Everyday the little girl comes to the pond. She sits on the rock at the edge of the pond. She comes to see the goldfish. She brings them bread or rice to eat. They look for her each day. They like to see her smiling face.

One day she does not come. She does not come the next day, or the next. The fish are very worried. Mi Ling asks, “Where is she?”

Li Ling answers, “What shall we do?”

Mi Ling says, “Let’s make a wish. Let’s wish we can see her again.”

They start swimming around in big circles as fast as they can. As they swim they wish their special wish. “We want to see the little girl again.” They wish it over and over again. Their circles get smaller and smaller and smaller. Finally they find their wish comes true.

They are swimming around in little circles in a big glass bowl. The bowl is on a table by the bed of the little girl. She is smiling at them. They find their friend. They have a new home. The little girl is not sad. Now she has two lovely goldfish for friends.

[INVITATION: All elders, 50 and older, are welcome to submit stories for this blog. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. Instructions for submitting are here.]

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Johna - Beautifully told kid's story.

In our previous house of 40 years, we had many goldfish and Koi. They were big show-offs, especially at feeding time. (But I don't think any of them would have been happy in a jar next to my bed!) When we moved last year we gave them to a guy with a much larger pool. We visit them from time to time, and they still put on quite a show, particularly if they think we have food for them. - Sandy

A sweet story, Johna.

Beautiful..one of the nice treats of my birthday trip to San Francisco was staying at an Embassy Suites across the bridge from S.F...they had 3 lovely little ponds with koi swimming in them..it was lovely to see first thing in morning & last thing at night...now I wonder if they were looking at me too...thanks..

I enjoyed this fish tale, Johna.

I have two Great Grandchildren who will love it in a year or two.

Both girls, One 9 months and the other little cutie is 3 months.

I will save it for them...

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