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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


By Claire Jean

autumn leaves have no color
winter snow lost its glow
spring has no meaning
and summer must go
you left in a hurry
and though we did know
your time here was troubling
we’ve been hit with a blow

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Claire Jean,

The sadness you felt when you wrote this poem is so evident.

I can only hope and pray that you find some consolation in knowing that all of us who will read this poem care about you and hope your sadness has been lifted a bit by time.

When a loved one dies it leaves the void you so beautifully captured in your poem.

What beautiful words that I am sure every one who reads them immediately flashes to someone they lost..I join with Nancy & Darlene in sending you whatever good karma I have..Yesterday was the 53rd anniversary of the death of my Father, who was only 44..this was just perfect for how I was feeling..I see as I get older that loving someone actually means never having to say goodbye because they are always in us somehow..I will share your beautiful words with my Sisters too...thank you..

Claire Jean,
Thank you so much for sharing your despair in such a beautiful way. My heart goes out to you as you slowly recover from your loss.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my feelings.

Lovely thoughts and put so lovingly into poetry. thanks for your inspiration.

So few words, yet they convey so much meaning. Thank you for letting us into your feelings.

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