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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Silent Guardian (I just wasn’t told about it)

By William Weatherstone of The Diesel Gypsy

Kids can be strange and devious little animals, so I found out. It started about 47 years ago and only came to me just recently.

While driving truck between Toronto and Montreal, I had met another driver who did the same route on the same days as I did. We struck up a friendship that still stands today.

As we started to socialize more and more, I got to know his kids pretty well. They were all girls and one boy. At this particular time (1964), I had been in a court case which branded me as a GARGANTUAN BEAST. I never really thought much about it after that. This is just a background to this story.

Our friends and we were having a get-together not too long ago and this information came to me for the first time.

Apparently the son (about 6 or 7) was having trouble with the next door bully whose father was an RCMP officer (Mountie). I had visited my friend’s home many times and was known to the neighbours.

The neighbour’s son threatened the boy and claimed that the boy couldn't do anything because his dad was a cop. After being frustrated enough, my friend's boy threatened the kid in return by yelling, “If you don’t leave me alone, I’ll get Mr. Weatherstone to beat up you and your dad.”

The kid never bothered him again.

It was years later while in their teens that one of the daughters was having serious trouble with an ex-boyfriend. He would stalk and terrorize her constantly. The police were called and he was picked up and warned to stay away.

It did not seem to deter him at all and had no fear of the police or what they would do.

It got bad enough one day that he broke into the basement window, rummaged through her clothes and stole her panties and other pieces of clothing. He continued to be a threatening pest.

She finally confronted him and warned him off. He retaliated with, “The police don’t scare me one bit.”

Her answer to that was, “Do you remember how much Mr. Weatherstone hates you, and he never did like you? Well he told me today that if you bother me one more time he will personally take care of you, and you know what that means.”

I was informed at this get-together that he was never seen again. I guess I performed a service that took me almost half a century to find out.

Ho-hum, I guess that a GARGANTUAN BEAST’S work is never done. Ha-ha, a true story.

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William - Great story!

Now I can add 'Gargantuan Beast' to my list of superheroes, like Batman, Superman, and Captain Midnight! - Sandy

You had a great reputation and, if you had but known it, you could have rented out your services to frightened children far and wide.

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