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Friday, 04 November 2011


By Joanne Zimmermann

My husband was lying in a lounge chair by the pool reading his favorite book. Suddenly there was a splash and he looked up and saw...

...an alligator!! Yes, that’s right, surprise, surprise!! I think it was only a baby, maybe 30 inches long, nose to tail - and it was swimming around the perimeter of the pool. It also made little barking noises, yip, yip, yip,!! We did not know they did that, but we said yip, yip, yip right back!!

Alligator Zimmermann

Here in Florida, the cities and counties have animal control that includes coming out for some wild ones. I called them and explained the situation but stressed it was a very small alligator.

While we waited their arrival, the little critter hoisted himself up the far side of the pool and crawled down the hill through a hole in the bottom of the fence. I guess that is the way he came up, from a small lake at the back of our property.

The Wild Animal Team, two uniformed officers; one was a big man and the other was a small woman. They arrived with a huge net, a lot of tape, a stick with a lasso and other assorted devices. I explained that the prey had gone back toward the lake and they raced down the hill.

There he sat, about 15 feet from the lake and the lady half of the team said, “Aw, he’s just a baby.” I thought I had said that, maybe small means different things when describing an alligator.

She went, “Shoo, shoo, shoo,” and so he did. He took off for the lake and we never saw him again. But it was kind of fun having him stop by (when he was a youngster, of course.)

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All’s well that ends well.

Enjoyed your story.


If I had been visiting you and was taking a swim in your beautiful pool and that alligator hopped in, you would have had to scrape me off of your deck with a putty knife.

Is it possible that an adult alligator could have invaded your pool instead of this baby one?

I shudder to think about it...

Fun story though. As long as it happened to YOU.

He's very cute. Apparently he decided his lake was preferable to chlorinated water and animal control. Charming story.

I forwarded your story to a friend who is a wildlife rehabilitator and who attended the University of Florida. She said the yip yip sound was the baby calling his mother to keep a big gator (or person?) from getting him. He was frightened. Good thing he found home on his own. :)

My daughter used to have alligators visit her frequenlty in her yard.They weren't babies! The Gainesville Sun took a picture and wrote a story about it, calling my daughter the Alligator Woman. By the way, never try to outrun one on land.

Joanne - Neat story!

But tales like this reinforce why I am more than willing to tolerate two months of wild blizzards and howling zero degree winds here in New England! - Sandy

I love unexpected encounters with things in nature. I especially enjoy it when it is your story - the alligator visit.

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